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Image courtesy of Luciano Volpato

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Luciano Volpato

“My name is Luciano Volpato, I was born in 1971 in a small town in the province of Padua, I began my artistic journey recently discovering my passion for art by starting to represent my emotions and thoughts through a canvas. The technique I use is very personal and emotional, it comes from my interiority and imagination. This technique of mine is constantly evolving and goes hand in hand with my mind, my ideas, thoughts and experiences. My source of inspiration is the subconscious, I paint trying to dig into the depths of my mind, bringing out emotions, memories and impulses that allow me to create my works.”

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Image courtesy of Luciano Volpato

Luciano Volpato stumbled upon the world of art recently, and from that moment onward, he found a unique and profound way to express his inner self. His art is a testament to the journey of self-discovery and the exploration of identity through the medium of creativity. Luciano’s work is not bound by conventions; instead, it embraces the freedom of expression, capturing moments of raw authenticity that resonate with the observer.

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Image courtesy of Luciano Volpato

Volpato’s journey began with his participation in the “DreamArs IV” exhibition at the Hub Art Gallery in Milan: this experience allowed him to present his art to a wider audience and marked the beginning of his artistic voyage. On this occasion, he presented three of his works (“The Bow”, “Gold&Black explosion”, “LV”), which were exhibited throughout the exhibition. Following his successful debut, Luciano continued to captivate art enthusiasts with his participation in the “AQUARS III” exhibition at the Museum of Art and Science in Milan, in November 2023. His ability to evoke emotions through his artwork was further recognized and appreciated. Then he extended his artistic reach by participating in the “CONTEMPORARY VENICE 13th edition” exhibition at Palazzo Albrizzi Capello in Venice, organized by ITSLIQUID GROUP. This exhibition, spanning from December 2023 to January 2024, provided him with a platform to showcase his evolving style and connect with a diverse audience.

luciano volpato 005
Image courtesy of Luciano Volpato

Luciano Volpato‘s journey is still unfolding, and with each stroke of his brush, he invites us to explore the depths of our own emotions and identities, as he continues to leave an indelible mark with his spontaneous and unique creations.

ig: the.artistinme
more. www.theartistinme.net

Image courtesy of Luciano Volpato

Image courtesy of Luciano Volpato

Image courtesy of Luciano Volpato

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