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malgorzata slaga 001
Image courtesy of Małgorzata Slaga

Featured Artist
Małgorzata Slaga

“Be an inspiration to yourself and, by changing your life, you will inspire others”. Małgorzata Slaga discovered her passion for painting by accident. She wanted to share the gift she discovered: her “balls of light“, which are the balls that she began to see, turned out to be vibrations. She decided to give them different colours to share this gift, finally painting them. Thanks to the crutches, she discovered that painting gave her great pleasure, putting her in a pleasant mood and giving her great fun.

malgorzata slaga 006
Image courtesy of Małgorzata Slaga

Her dream is to inspire others to change their lives, to look for passion in themselves and to share this passion because then life becomes light and pleasant and the world becomes more beautiful, full of joy and love. Along with the emergence of the passion for painting, the dream of an exhibition of the author’s paintings appeared. And then the dream came true: the first public show took place during the art exhibition “Summer Vibes” in Italy. Two paintings “Faith Ball – Yellow Ball” and “Mindfulness Ball – Red Ball” were presented at this exhibition.

malgorzata slaga 004
Image courtesy of Małgorzata Slaga

“Each of my paintings has its own story because it is created under the influence of inspiration. The impulse or inspiration are the events in my life and the emotions that accompany me then. Sometimes a meeting or conversation with another person turns into something important and then an image is created. Usually, after painting a picture, I come up with an idea for a title, which is also important to me. Recently, the inspiration to paint my works was the exhibition “Secrets”, which had a very interesting message related to the soul. This is how three images of balls were created, which are a symbol of truth and the secret of life. The choice of colours has been intuitive. Usually, if I paint a sphere, I paint the background first, and then I paint the sphere. Sometimes, however, the first background is painted over and I never know what the final background will be. And this is the most beautiful thing – the end result is often surprising to me. This is what art is like, just as life is surprising!”

more. www.malgorzataslaga.pl

malgorzata slaga 002
Image courtesy of Małgorzata Slaga

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