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malina wieczorek 007
Image courtesy of Malina Wieczorek

Featured Artist
Malina Wieczorek

Malina Wieczorek has been painting women for several decades. These acts can certainly be included in the so-called conceptual art. The figures of the women she creates are reflected as if in Venetian mirrors, unaware of the observation to which they have been exposed and, in a sense, condemned. Most often they emerge from the interior of the painting somewhat shyly, half-gesture or half-profile. Similar and different at the same time. Lonely, yet clearly present among us. The artist used to call them acts, and this term can be applied to both the physical and spiritual spheres.

malina wieczorek 006
Image courtesy of Malina Wieczorek

The “Madonnas” series”, realized since 2020, refers to the classic iconography and identity related to the culture of the regions. The artist replaces the halo with a pattern made of folk rollers, sometimes this halo is somewhere on the side, redefining the way in which the “sanctity” of women is shown and asking the question: what is it today? Often one can get the impression that it irritates the body, cuts into it, hurting. At other times, it is like a flower meadow around the heroines of the painting. It is this ambiguity and the possibility of self-interpretation, depending on the moment of life, one’s own history, and the mood of the recipient, that is the most interesting for the artist.

malina wieczorek 003
Image courtesy of Malina Wieczorek

Attempts to read, for example, cuneiform on linguistic principles, often do not bring a satisfactory result. Hence the question, shouldn’t we read with “emotions”? Just as it happens in reading and understanding images. Malina Wieczorek’s conceptual painting finds answers to who we are in emotions. Although we call it “painting”, Malina actually draws with a brush. These are drawn pictures. Worn backgrounds, always a contour, grey paint and a lot of free space for free associations. The backgrounds on which the shapes appear are usually red, brick red, orange, or grey. A grey outline on a grey background is practically the ideal of an imperceptible painting. There are some contradictions in her work. He uses strong colours but doesn’t really want them to be visible. Strong colours are not her ideal. But then again, how can you talk about feelings and emotions without using contrasting colours?

malina wieczorek 005
Image courtesy of Malina Wieczorek

Further analysis is offered by the international art portal – “Malina’s paintings raise important questions: in which directions does a modern woman have to go in order to achieve her ideal self? Do hands, feet and legs matter? Do breasts and buttocks count? Can the meaning of the female form survive after stretching and satisfying the whims of the artist?” The artist herself admits: “I ask myself, when are we women so deeply? Maybe it’s courage in constantly asking the most important questions and in uncompromising answers. I think everyone feels it’s women’s time. These acts show our often hidden, true selves, and a range of feelings. And despite the fact that they have been deliberately deformed, they are beautiful. Because it comes from within them, from their strength.

more. www.instagram.com/malinawieczorekart

malina wieczorek 001
Image courtesy of Malina Wieczorek
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Image courtesy of Malina Wieczorek

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