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Image courtesy of Marija Tanaskovic-Papadopoulos

Featured Artist
Marija Tanaskovic-Papadopoulos

Visual Art is all about passing energy to other people through the symbols and vibration of lines, color wavelengths, and shapes of artwork in the space that surrounds it, while the meaning of the artwork is not only what composition actually presents, but a specific structure of that art piece, that makes a human being able to notice a beauty as a source of harmony”.

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Image courtesy of Marija Tanaskovic-Papadopoulos

Marija Tanaskovic-Papadopoulos was born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1976 where she graduated from the University of Fine Arts in 2001 as a Sculptor. In 2004 she moved to Chicago with her husband. In the beginning, she was working as a fine artist in traditional painting and sculpturing techniques primarily. However, during her creative journey, she started creating artworks with modern technologies, also. Today she is a multimedia artist of a very wide spectrum.

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Image courtesy of Marija Tanaskovic-Papadopoulos

While she is sculpting in clay she can also work in ZBrush for 3D modeling. The same is with painting. While she is creating traditional oil on canvas, acrylics, pastels, and watercolours, she is capable of making graphics in 2D and 3D Digital Fine art techniques, where Digital photography belongs, as well. Her creations are always vibrant and captivating. She was looking for a perfect exhibition space to put all her art in retrospectives, so she created the 3D exhibition gallery in Unreal Engine which she will update as she creates new pieces.

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Image courtesy of Marija Tanaskovic-Papadopoulos

Tanaskovic obtained the highest recognition and many very important awards for her art from the world of renewed critics and curators in Italy, Canada and the United States, Canada, UK, Italy, Denmark, France, Monaco, Latino America, South Korea, Turkey, Egypt, and Serbia. The international critics placed her among the Best Contemporary Artists of today in many important books and publications. The Artists had many smaller exhibitions in many different places in the world.

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Image courtesy of Marija Tanaskovic-Papadopoulos

“My inspiration comes from my moods and thoughts, independent from outside world. The vision of the composition is embodied in my dreams, so I feel when it accompanies the details. Details are forms and scenes from reality that serve as references. And I give them symbolism myself by combining them until I get the desired result. My art is the sketching of my dreams and visions in detail, while the compositions themselves are predetermined as ready-made ideas from somewhere deep in my existence, coming out to light of my conscience and radiating harmony“.

more. www.marijaart.com

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Image courtesy of Marija Tanaskovic-Papadopoulos

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