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michael mutschler 09
Image courtesy of Michael Mutschler

Featured artist
Michael Mutschler

“I am an expressionist at heart. I am a child of post-war Germany where we lived in a septic surrounding, at home, at school, in public: Any kind of affection, dedication, or passion was suspicious. Expressionism and somehow surrealism have been the most important influences when I started at the art academy in Stuttgart late 1960s. The visual language of expressionism allowed me to express myself completely. The use of colours, strong, bold lines and compositional refinement were for me the logical development of the classical pictorial world, which I had to (or was allowed to) learn by heart during my childhood (or as I think today). Surrealistic elements, which correspond to my sometimes somewhat sarcastic nature, have taken the sharpness out of some pictures”.

michael mutschler 08
Image courtesy of Michael Mutschler

Michael Mutschler was born in Heilbronn (Baden-Württemberg) as the son of the artist and teacher Rudolph Mutschler and brother to the artist and architect Eva Petzold. During his studies at the Kunstakademie Stuttgart from 1968 to 1973 Mutschler was part of a student body that struggled with the concept of art. There he was indirectly influenced by Beuys through Beuys‘s student Holger Utta. In Prof. Schellenberger‘s master class for puppetry, he dealt with readings by Erich Fromm, C.G. Jung and Mitscherlich.

michael mutschler 03
Image courtesy of Michael Mutschler

Now he lives in Machern near Leipzig. After almost 40 years as an art teacher (Schwäbisch Hall), his own artistic work came to the fore. 300 paintings and numerous clay sculptures continuing the tradition of expressionist modernism were created in the last five years. In social networks enjoys a large fan
community. His paintings have been on exhibitions in Leipzig, Cologne, New York and Paris since 2017. Further exhibitions are in preparation.

more. www.michael-mutschler.voog.com

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Image courtesy of Michael Mutschler
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Image courtesy of Michael Mutschler
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Image courtesy of Michael Mutschler

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