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Image courtesy of Milena Dimitrokallis

Featured Artist
Milena Dimitrokallis

“I was born in Athens. I have studied Business and Management in the U.K., followed by studies in Philosophy, and Drawing and Painting in Athens. Since 2011, I have been systematically engaged in painting, and presented my work in 10 solo and over 80 group exhibitions and art projects, in art galleries, museums and contemporary art fairs in Greece and abroad, including Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, Naxos, Cyprus, New York, London, Paris, Rome, Copenhagen, Barcelona, etc. In 2013, I was awarded first prize at the Mitteleuropa Prix International Art Competition by the Ufofabrik Contemporary Art Gallery in Italy”.

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Image courtesy of Milena Dimitrokallis

“I consider myself an impulsive artist and am interested in painting what I feel, not what I see. The canvas is a space where my mind can roam completely free. I create directly on the canvas, with no prior rough sketch, guided by purely exploratory processes. Abstract painting is my inner soul-searching journey that leads me to rendering human emotions in colors and shapes through an array of techniques. My artwork is part of private collections in Greece and abroad. It has been exhibited at the Athens War Museum, the OTE Group Telecommunications Museum and the Copelouzos Art Museum in Athens, as well as the Carris Museum in Lisbon”.

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Image courtesy of Milena Dimitrokallis

“Within “Blossom Series”, the artist crafts a narrative textured and sculptural, a poetic dance across the canvas inspired by the enchanting hues of spring. These paintings unfold like petals, a visual manifestation of nature’s grand tapestry during the blooming season. A metaphor for growth and expansion, the series symbolizes the embrace of new beginnings in life, mirroring the perpetual cycle of renewal found within the blossoming flora. “Blossom Series” has been exhibited in London 2023 and will be shown in Tokyo in June 2024″.

more. www.milenadimitrokallis.com

Image courtesy of Milena Dimitrokallis

Image courtesy of Milena Dimitrokallis

Image courtesy of Milena Dimitrokallis

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