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Featured artist: Moorland Productions

Art | December 28, 2022 |

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Image courtesy of Moorland Productions

Featured artist
Moorland Productions (Kenneth Hay / Seetha A)

Moorland Productions creative partnership was founded in 1994 to showcase the creative work of Kenneth G. Hay, and Seetha A. We work across a variety of media including painting, sculpture, installation, print, photography, video and sound. The work produced explores different cultural, historical and linguistic themes through stylistically discrete forms. The works are planned, created and worked on by both artists, often on the same canvas using a distributed artistic practice between their two studios in London and SW France, where they also run an annual international Art Festival (LAF: Larroque Art Festival). The Moorland Productions site provides information about upcoming shows, exhibitions and images of past projects, as well as information about our research, publications and collaborations”.

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Image courtesy of Moorland Productions

Working collaboratively since 1994 as Moorland Productions, Ken and Seetha have participated in hundreds of exhibitions Biennales and Art Fairs worldwide. Moorland Productions are interested in an open, collaborative and experimental approach to artmaking and operate between their two studios. The artworks are conceived, discussed and subsequently produced by both artists working collaboratively, using Internet communications but also regular studio visits which enable them to literally work on the same canvas. Our cross-media include painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, multimedia, photography, digital media, film and video, sound, installation and websites, but we also make and design objects.

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Image courtesy of Moorland Productions

Ken was born in Scotland and trained at Leeds University, The Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence, UCW Aberystwyth and is currently a Professor of Contemporary Art at the University of Leeds, School of Design and Visiting Professor of Aesthetics at Masaryk University, Brno. As an academic, he writes and teaches on modernism and postmodernism, Italian art & Culture, Philosophical aesthetics, and the role of artworks as research, particularly in relation to Ph.Ds in art Practice. Seetha was born in Singapore and trained as an artist and linguist at Leeds College of Art, Goldsmith’s College, the Humboldt Institut, Berlin, and Delhi Academy of Fine Art. She has travelled widely in India, Africa, Asia and Europe, and is a freelance artist and video-maker, based in London.

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Image courtesy of Moorland Productions

Moorland Productions have exhibited in over a hundred international Exhibitions and Art Fairs, including Biennales in Venice (1995,2003/4, 2010), Miami (2019,2022), Tokyo (2021), and London (2020,2013), as well as individual and group shows in The National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta (2010), Galerie Nová Sín, Prague (2011-12), Galerie Cerná Línká, Brno, The Czech Centre for Experimental Theatre (2000), The Bulgarian Cultural Institute, London (2013). Their video “Miracle” was selected for the “Olympic One Minutes” promotional DVD for the 2008 Olympics in China (July 2005) and was exhibited in Beijing in June 2008, and then toured Shanghai, Lisbon, Zagreb, Paramaribo, Brussels, São Paolo, Istanbul, Amsterdam and Gröningen. It was also selected for exhibition in The Stedelijk Museum (NL) and toured 30 museums and galleries in the Netherlands and around the world (2013). Moorland Productions has its own imprint, The Moorland Press, which produces catalogues of their and other artists’ work.

more. www.moorland-productions.org

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Image courtesy of Moorland Productions
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Image courtesy of Moorland Productions
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Image courtesy of Moorland Productions
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Image courtesy of Moorland Productions
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Image courtesy of Moorland Productions
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Image courtesy of Moorland Productions

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