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Patricia Canino

“In my studio, everything is created during shooting. I like to compose lights that cut out shadows, sculpt silhouettes and enhance the shine of fabrics to give the eye the sensuality of the materials as well as that of a face or a body. Always irresistibly attracted by the immensity of expanses of water, snow, ice and clouds, I set out to meet the icebergs drifting on the west coast of Greenland. Back at my studio, the images themselves become material for the transformation and metamorphosis of light.”

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“Bursts of solarized negative light vibrate, the depth of black unfolds in all its power, the white of the ice becomes mineral, and the surface of the water takes on metallic reflections. A voyage in black and white to extreme contrasts. The vibration of inverted negative and positive lights evokes a world of the origins and end of time. The depth of the black is displayed in all its power, the white of the ice becomes mineral, the surface of the water takes on metallic reflections, Tormented skies…The whole portends a past or future catastrophe. And yet, calm is there. The absolute permanence of another dimension.”

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After studying cinematography at the National Institute of Performing Arts in Brussels, Patricia Canino is the chief editor of numerous feature films in Belgium including “Jeanne Dielman” by Chantal Akerman. Then she made short films on Art, notably, “On n’a que soi: Fernand Khnopff”, Grand Prize for image quality at the International Art Film Festival, (Museum of Modern Art in Paris) and “The holy watch over the sleeping city”, commissioned for the opening of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. In 1987, while preparing a commissioned film for Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics, she met Andrée Putman for whom she produced her first photographic work which was exhibited at the Rencontres Internationales de Photographie in Arles.

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When she devotes herself to photography, from cinema she keeps the sense of staging, the sense of framing and “off-camera” and particularly the work of light which sculpts the forms, accentuates the contrasts and enhances the shine of materials. From interior architecture photography to the architecture of clothing, her first fashion photographic work was a commission from Editions du Regard: a book devoted to the work of Madeleine Vionnet. It inaugurates a new way of bringing to life dresses photographed in “still life”. From then on, the world of clothing became her field of predilection, the body present or absent, she allows us to touch both the sensuality of fabrics and the strength or fragility of beings. When she specialized in working in the 20×25 inches Polaroid camera using lighting and cinematographic techniques, she discovered the possibility of transforming the very body of the image, of creating a metamorphosis of shapes and colours in order to evoke a more unreal, more poetic world.

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In 1999 she received the “Best Color Print” Prize with a fashion series for Issey Miyake at the 6th European Polaroid Final Art Awards and in 2000, she received the “European Best Color Print” Prize at the First Polaroid International Photography Awards at the Maison Européenne de Photography in Paris. She carries out commissions for various museums including the Louvre Museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Barcelona Fashion Museum, and the MET in New York and participates in numerous group exhibitions in France and abroad and in sales. at auction at Artcurial in Paris and Sotheby’s in New York. From shooting to printing on the most unexpected supports, her images become her place of experimentation, she combines film and digital, photographic and non-photographic techniques towards an ever more plastic approach to pictures.

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In 2021: she created a photographic installation at the Cité de la Mode et de la Dentelle in Calais (France). In 2022, an exhibition “Yves Saint Laurent, transparency” where photographs are printed on large transparent fabrics. In 2023, images of the visual communication of the exhibition at the Palais Galliera in Paris on “Azzedine Alaia, couturier collector”. Far from the studio and the composed lights, always attracted by the immensity of the expanses of snow, water, clouds and ice, she sets off to meet the icebergs drifting on the west coast of Greenland. Through different digital processes, images become material for transmutation in search of their inner light. Bursts of solarized negative light vibrate, the depth of black unfolds in all its power, the white of the ice becomes mineral, the surface of the water takes on metallic reflections. This work entitled “Lux in Tenebris” was exhibited in December 2021 in Paris. In 2023 part of this work is presented at the Venice international Artfair.

more. www.patriciacanino.com

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