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Image courtesy of RIKXECOM

Featured Artist

RIKXECOM – the ultra-contemporary abstract artist – strives to create meaningful pieces of art that spark joy, imagination and exploration. “My artwork is a reflection of my spiritual journey, and I draw inspiration from the beauty of nature and the power of the human spirit. I strongly believe that the arts process feeds my escape and I strive to create pieces that will speak to the hearts of my viewers.”

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Image courtesy of RIKXECOM

“I’m a multi-disciplinary North American-born artist based in Palm Beach, Florida. From a young age, I was inspired by my mother to explore the world of art and expression. My passion for art led me to open my studio in 1987, where I was able to express myself through a variety of mediums. In 1982 I owned and operated a commercial sign shop using oil paint and designing show cards, and later on adding aerial photography to do commercial postcards hanging off the side of a doorless helicopter pre-drone era.”

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Image courtesy of RIKXECOM

“Despite being diagnosed with Marfan’s Syndrome in my pre-teens and having many surgeries, this did not stop me from pursuing my passions. I continue to combine my love of art, bringing my unique talents to the world. RIKXECOM‘s Digi Assist multi programs and hardware mix, allow me to capture the essence of my artwork mind to reality using a combination of layer images made with the assistance of computer painting, using a variety of software and mediums to bring it to canvas.”

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Image courtesy of RIKXECOM

“I want to describe the beauty and capture the essence of my art, emphasizing the importance of embracing the simple pleasures and often-overlooked beauty that surrounds us. My artwork encourages viewers to pause, reflect, and appreciate the little things that bring immense joy to our busy lives. The fusion of naturalist and abstract art in my creative process reflects my unique approach to artistry. My ability to seamlessly blend these two disciplines and use them as a form of cerebral escapism is a testament to my creativity and artistic journey. My art serves as a means of meditation and a path to a state of creative energy that is both transcendent and fulfilling.”

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Image courtesy of RIKXECOM

“The future of my artistic journey is open-ended and full of possibilities, allowing me to continue offering my unique perspective and creative output to a global audience. As an artist, my work has the power to connect with people on a deep, emotional level and to inspire them through the visual language I’ve developed over the years. Pushing the boundaries of art and a desire to reach diverse audiences across the globe and leave a lasting impact. My dedication to the craft and my passion for creativity is RIKXECOM.”

more. www.rickart.gallery

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Image courtesy of RIKXECOM

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