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shengdi cui 006
Image courtesy of Shengdi Cui

Feature Artist
Shengdi Cui

Photography or art, in my case, doesn’t have a clear boundary. I enjoy using photography as a way to express my thoughts and emotions. Photography to me is like having a meal; I don’t see it as something I do to accomplish a specific task. Instead, it’s a natural part of my life, much like eating. I don’t have detailed plans about what food I want; I simply follow my mood and choose whatever food I like to eat. Photography isn’t everything in my life, but it’s an essential and indispensable part“.

shengdi cui 001
Image courtesy of Shengdi Cui

Shengdi Cui is a Chinese photographer and artist exploring the boundary of fashion and art, psychology of young people in contemporary society, anti-social behavior. In his current projects, themes around fantasy, the future, depression and surrealism. He inviting the viewer into a world of imagination and absurd.Using post-production techniques, he blends the real world with virtual 3D scenes to produce surreal and dreamlike visuals. This fusion of reality not only creates a worldly atmosphere, but also challenges the traditional boundaries between fashion and art, as well as between games, graphics, cinematography and photography.

shengdi cui 004
Image courtesy of Shengdi Cui

He draws inspiration from personal experiences and emotions, integrates negative emotions and unrealistic fantasies into his works, and finds an outlet for venting in the virtual world. Each photograph tells a dramatic and ambiguous story, leaving room for interpretation and inviting the viewer to delve deeper into their own emotions and perceptions.

shengdi cui 008
Image courtesy of Shengdi Cui

“I am a photographer and artist. My journey into the world of art began during my postgraduate studies in London, which was a pivotal phase in my artistic career. It was during this time that I developed a deep passion for introspection and creative exploration. This period laid the foundation for my artistic path. In contrast to complex and theoretical forms of artistic expression, I am drawn to a more intuitive and emotionally resonant approach. I believe that art should be accessible to a wide audience”.

shengdi cui 002
Image courtesy of Shengdi Cui

“My recent work, which combines photography with 3D virtual elements, is heavily influenced by science fiction literature and films. When reading science fiction novels, I enjoy envisioning the scenes in my mind and then translating them into contemporary photography, often presented by fashion and art. Then I’ll be collaborating with fashion designers, makeup artists, jewelry designers, models, etc. to come together across borders to complete a creation. This fusion of literature, film, and photography allows me to create visual narratives that resonate with the viewer and offer a fresh perspective on the world of art and imagination”.

Curated by Luca Curci

more. www.shengdicui.com

shengdi cui 007
Image courtesy of Shengdi Cui

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