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Image courtesy of Shiqi Xu

Featured Artist
Shiqi Xu

Shiqi Xu is a womenswear/couture designer based in New York City. She graduated with honors from the Parsons School of Design in 2023. Shiqi loves delving into her own stories and emotions, analyzing how social issues impact individual behavior to find design inspiration. Her design language is romantic and poetic. She sees designing a collection as akin to writing a poem – delicate, subtle, yet leaving a lingering aftertaste.

Having lived and studied in various locations worldwide, including London, New York, and Shanghai, Shiqi values the traditions and culture of her Chinese background. She enjoys experimenting with different materials and traditional crafts, transforming them into modern fashion. As a graduate who received the Dean’s Scholarship from Parsons School of Design for four consecutive years, she has worked for top brands, including Dior and Celine.

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Image courtesy of Shiqi Xu

Her designs have gained recognition in major fashion publications such as CFDA Runway 360, Vogue, and Not Just a Label. These experiences have contributed to her developing a well-rounded understanding of luxury fashion. Her name is Shiqi Xu. In Chinese, “诗” (SHI) embodies poetic meaning, and “绮” (QI) represents the beautiful woven silk. Because of this, she believes that in her past life, she was a beautiful fabric, and in this life, she is destined to be a fashion designer.

Image courtesy of Shiqi Xu

Image courtesy of Shiqi Xu

The timeless themes she consistently explores are femininity and vulnerability. The English pronunciation of her name is “SHEKEY”, standing for” she is the key.” serving as the consistent design philosophy. She aims to focus on women to delve into the possibilities of fashion. She believes that femininity, on a silent level, is inherently delicate, yet vulnerability does not imply weakness – it holds a unique charm of its own.

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Image courtesy of Shiqi Xu

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