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Image courtesy of Tairan Hao

Featured Artist
Tairan Hao

Tairan Hao, currently residing in New York, NY, is a new media artist. He received his BFA from California College of the Arts and MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. Hao’s art is influenced by the relationship between the virtual and the real world, particularly the integration of elements from virtual gaming with real-world technology. His artistic philosophy focuses on exploring the relationship between personal identity and socio-cultural dynamics, especially against the backdrop of technological advancement. His works encompass interactive installations, artificial intelligence, and software and hardware programming, creating mechanical pieces, animation, and video works.

Hao’s affinity for digital gaming ignited a fervor for probing the intricacies between the virtual and real realms, as well as contemplating the impending influences of technology on society and our global future. He weaves these thoughts into his art, bridging them with technological advancements. His work serves as an exploration and a dialogue, delving into the complexities of identity within the shifting landscapes of politics, culture, and technology. His work, rooted in personal experiences of conformity, offers a lens to examine the individual’s place among the collectivism of society.

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Image courtesy of Tairan Hao

Luca Curci Talks with the Featured Artist Tairan Hao and explores his artistic poetry.

Luca Curci – Which subject are you working on?
Tairan Hao –
My current work delves deeply into the intersection of technology and identity, focusing on how advancements in technology influence personal and collective identities. I’m particularly interested in exploring the dynamic interplay between virtual and real realms, examining how digital and physical spaces converge and diverge. My latest projects incorporate interactive installations, AI, and immersive experiences that challenge and engage the audience in a dialogue about identity, technology, and sociopolitical change.

Hao continues to leverage new-media art as a transformative medium, crafting animation, video, and interactive installations that embody the gesture of sociopolitical discourse, inviting the audience not just to witness but to participate and shape the narrative. This dynamic interplay between the art, the space and technology it inhabits, and the audience reflects Hao’s investigation to articulate the interwoven narratives of control, freedom, and identity-crafting experiences that resonate with the silent voices seeking to be heard in a world of constant change.

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Image courtesy of Tairan Hao

LC – How did you get to your current artistic practice?
TH –
My journey into new-media art began during my undergraduate studies at California College of the Arts, where I specialized in Human-Computer Interaction. This foundation in both art and technology spurred my fascination with the potential of technological mediums. Furthering my education with an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania allowed me to expand my exploration into more interdisciplinary approaches. Over the years, my work has evolved from traditional forms to incorporating cutting-edge technologies like AI, 3D printing, and projection mapping. These tools enable me to create immersive and interactive experiences that reflect the complex narratives of our modern world.

LC – What is the most challenging part about creating your artwork?
TH –
The most challenging aspect of my creative process is balancing the technical intricacies with the conceptual depth of my projects. Each piece often involves sophisticated technology, such as AI algorithms, interactive sensors, and advanced materials, which require extensive research and development. Integrating these elements seamlessly into a cohesive artistic vision that resonates on an emotional and intellectual level with the audience is a continuous challenge. Additionally, ensuring that the technological components remain functional and engaging throughout the lifespan of the installation adds another layer of complexity.

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Image courtesy of Tairan Hao

LC – How is your creative process?
TH –
My creative process is highly iterative and collaborative, involving a blend of research, experimentation, and refinement. I start with a conceptual framework, often inspired by current technological trends, sociopolitical issues, or personal experiences. From there, I experiment with various technologies and materials to find the best medium to express my ideas. Collaboration plays a crucial role; working with engineers, programmers, and other artists helps push the boundaries of what is technically possible. Throughout the process, I constantly test and refine my work, seeking feedback from peers and iterating on the design to enhance its interactivity and impact.

LC – Did your style change over the years? In which way?
TH –
Yes, my style has significantly evolved over the years. Early in my career, my work was more focused on traditional media and static forms of art. However, as I gained exposure to new technologies and their potential, my style transitioned towards new-media art. This shift allowed me to explore more interactive and immersive formats, such as AI-driven installations, 3D-printed sculptures, and augmented reality experiences. My current style is characterized by its integration of technology and interactivity, aiming to create dynamic experiences that engage the audience on multiple sensory levels and provoke deeper contemplation on contemporary issues.

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Image courtesy of Tairan Hao

“I got inspired by the elements, patterns and narratives from the virtual world, ones that resonate with societal, cultural, religious and political themes in the real world to create art. Through digital sculpting and 3D printing, my work explores the new possibilities of what can be crafted with emerging technologies together with traditional methods of hand-crafting approaches, as well as the transformative power that the technology’s ability to blur the materiality boundaries of what we perceive as real and artificial”.

more. www.tairanhao.studio

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Image courtesy of Tairan Hao

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