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Image courtesy of Te-Sian Shih

Featured Artist
Te-Sian Shih

Te-Sian Shih is a New York City-based graphic, packaging, and branding designer, and artist. She graduated from Pratt Institute’s Master of Science in Packaging, Identities, and Systems Design. She has worked at an NYC Luxury fashion company and bedding company. She also has cooperated with many high-end clients such as NYC’s fashion brand company, Package product company, the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York, the New Asia Chamber Music Society, and The Taiwanese American Arts Council (TAAC). She has also worked with one of the world’s best musicians, Mr.Cho-Liang Lin’s Taipei Music Academy and Festival. Her design projects have been published in supermarkets and department stores in New York City. Te-Sian, Shih just won 2023’s Muse Design Awards Gold Awards in Poster Design. Te-Sian Shih hails from Taiwan, a culturally diverse nation influenced by Chinese, indigenous Taiwanese, Japanese, American, Dutch, and Spanish cultures. Her openness to various cultures has allowed her to incorporate elements and ideas from both the East and the West into her work. This quality enables her to effectively communicate and grasp the essence of a company’s culture, and through her graphic and brand design, convey the company’s vision in a way that is not only understandable but also attractive to the audience, solidifying the company’s brand image.

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Image courtesy of Te-Sian Shih

Te-Sian has been a jury member of Switzerland’s Calanca Biennale 2023 and was also a Final Critique Guest Artist at Pratt Institute’s Master of Science in Packaging, Identities, and Systems Design department. Moreover, she was a Jury Member of the 2022 Wei-Chuan Mother’s Day Drawing Competition hosted by the World Journal. Her work has been featured in the 2019 ‘Fusion’ Art Exhibition, which UNICEF supported, 2019 the Oculus World Trade Center’s ‘ ‘Here There’ and ‘The Blanc art exhibitions, 2019 Florence Biennale, 2021 Genova Biennale. In addition, her design projects have been exhibited in the art exhibition “Taiwan: A World of Orchids,” supported by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office and the Taiwan Ministry of Culture in 2021. In 2022, Flushing City Hall, for the MuseConnect Gala 2022 annual event, placed Te-Sian, Shih’s design works. Te-Sian helped MuseConnect Gala 2022’s posters and art book.

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Image courtesy of Te-Sian Shih

Te-Sian Shih won Silver and Bronze awards at IDA International Design Awards 2019, Silver at the Muse Design Awards 2020 and 2021, Silver at Graphis New Talent 2020, Silver at the Graphis Poster Annual Competition 2020 and 2021, two DNA Paris Design Awards winners 2021, 2020 GD USA American Packaging Design Awards, 2021 GD USA American Inhouse Design Awards, and 2022 A Design Awards’ Iron Awards. Te-Sian, Shih still works for Musician Cho-Liang, Lin, the Taiwanese American Arts Council (TAAC), and high-end brand companies in NYC. She has two design and art exhibitions in NYC and keeps winning many International Design Awards. What she wants is to help the world through graphic design.

more. lera-shih.squarespace.com

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Image courtesy of Te-Sian Shih

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