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Image courtesy of Tran Tuan

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Tran Tuan

Tran Tuan was born in Vietnam in 1961, he is a distinguished Vietnamese painter whose artworks have been widely exhibited nationally and internationally. Inspired by Eastern spirituality, his abstract pieces appear at first to be wholly minimalist and contained. However, they contain striking intensity and vibrancy, primarily achieved through a vivid colour palette and layering techniques. In conclusion, the Art of Tran Tuan provides each viewer with a glimpse into his innermost thoughts.

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Image courtesy of Tran Tuan

“My art is a closed eye which is looking into my own soul. When I create artworks, it doesn’t mean I want to describe the world which we see. My artworks are the forms from deep deep memories of my previous lives. They are the places for mental activity which we haven’t been able to explain by logic yet. In both the stage of figurative and the stage abstraction, my art-mental is constant. The subjects in my art become more and more macros from time to time, they transform into simplification and lead to abstract art. Eventually, I go through all forms and then immerse myself in the universe. I think simply: Art is the marvellous light of mysterious souls. As an artist, I want to deliver the message to our human world through my art: Please live in Peace and Love.

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Image courtesy of Tran Tuan

A versatile artist, Tran Tuan masters any materials and wields his brush with equal ease in both: figurative and non-figurative painting. His paintings are drawn slowly, with many layers. The sophisticated harmony of colours is brought about by several intermingled colourful layers. There is no contrast on the surface that shines gently. At times, the outlines of figures and shapes are blurred. This is the turning point in terms of style which allows the painter to shift to figureless abstract painting. This differs greatly from compositions by other artists, who adopt abstractionism systematically breaking up figures and shapes. This also diverges from many other abstractionists who paint just to run after fashion or for the sake of modernity.

Artist Tran Tuan created the”Symphony of the Universe” series inspired by his feelings of the human enlightenment: the origin of happiness and suffering. Besides, it is awakened happiness when people find a way out of suffering. Then they will be able to arrive the Heaven which exists right in this world, in this real life & enjoy the infinite happiness of a released spirit. In conclusion, people can immerse themselves in the infinite happiness of being immersed in the great symphony of the universe.

more. www.abstract.vn

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Image courtesy of Tran Tuan
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Image courtesy of Tran Tuan

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