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Image courtesy of Ulrich Perret

Featured Artist
Ulrich Perret

Born on 01/21/1943, married with two daughters, graduate mathematician and PhD in philosophy (Adorno). Permanent professional activity as a mathematician and in IT. Some years before the onset of deafness some public concerts as a singer with art songs by Strauss, Wagner and romanticism and the honour to be accompanied by a conductor of Wiesbaden Opera.

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Image courtesy of Ulrich Perret

Then (also part-time) fresco painter. The biggest order was the wall painting of the high entrance tower of a state museum in Mainz. After a long time of art abstinence, I started making paintings 4 years ago. Almost all shown paintings are made in these 4 years.

There had never been an attempt of contact with the gallery scene. The rare exhibitions took place
in a castle on the Rhine (two times) and in our own villa. So I’m not a “recognized” artist – using this stupid gallerist expression. The lack of any art degree is rather an advantage. For art is a plant that should grow from itself.

more. www.art.perret.de

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Image courtesy of Ulrich Perret
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Image courtesy of Ulrich Perret
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Image courtesy of Ulrich Perret
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Image courtesy of Ulrich Perret
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Image courtesy of Ulrich Perret

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