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Featured artist: Zue Chan

Art | December 23, 2022 |

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Image courtesy of Zue Chan

Featured artist
Zue Chan

“Traditional Chinese ink and wash paintings revolve around the ‘Tao‘ which gives classical charms. It brings peace and mystery to people. I combined traditional Chinese ink and Western paints, the medium that I am more familiar with, into a piece of art. Every painting is a page of a diary which records what I think and feel in nature. It is a language that connects me with Nature”.

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Image courtesy of Zue Chan

Zue Chan graduated from Stage Production and Scenery at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (Honours) majoring in Theatre and Entertainment Arts. In 2016, Chan learnt from Lien Jui-Fen to further develop her contemporary ink painting techniques and completed the ink painting diploma from the School of Continuing Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2020. Chan’s early works “Unconstrained” series used the traditional texturing method in Chinese painting to depict the veins of mountains and rocks and Western oil painting techniques such as wiping to embody the layers of the cloud sea. With the comfort of the mountain and the leisurely cloud, creating a peaceful, restful space apart from reality and established a uniquely creative style of herself.

After her graduation, she worked with many organizations to paint and promote murals, such as Project One Artlane, the stairs of a Grade A commercial building on Garden Road in Central, and the sky garden of Burlington Hotel in Wanchai. She is currently an artist of the Jockey Club Art and Well-being Schools’ Mural Project and regularly teaches murals at different schools. In addition, she is a colorist of Lemac, a new paint brand under the Yip’s Chemical Group, using her outstanding colour sense to help promote personalized colour paint.

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Image courtesy of Zue Chan

Chan likes to combine Chinese Brush Painting and Western painting techniques. Her artworks not only retain the characteristics of traditional Chinese painting such as cavalier perspective and the texturing method but also break the material barrier, cross-using both Chinese and Western pigments in one artwork. She keeps the beauty of traditional techniques while presenting them in a novel way. There’s a beautiful message in her paintings: all things in the world can coexist peacefully. It’s a perfect balance of universal harmony. The theme of Chan’s paintings is mostly landscapes. For Chan, nature is extraordinary. Nature is a flow of energy, the breath of life, and a positive magnetic field of mindfulness that helps to reset the mind. Especially the mountains and the fields. They exude an aura of peace and ease. Mountains and fields have the energy to gently soothe the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Image courtesy of Zue Chan

Chan’s creative process is arbitrary, every moment is unpredictable, just like nature. And similar to nature, people’s state of mind is also ever-changing and full of mysteries. Chan regards the process of creation as a bridge to link the mind and the artwork. She merges her mind with the paintbrush to make herself and the painting become one. In this process, she also heals herself through the mountains and rivers, learning to accept the ups and downs of life, and conducts self-exploration journeys one after another in the artistic world.

more. www.zuezuechan.com

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Image courtesy of Zue Chan
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Image courtesy of Zue Chan
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Image courtesy of Zue Chan

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