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Featured Gallery: Bogotá Arte Contemporáneo BAC gallery

Art | March 17, 2015 |

BAC BogotàImage courtesy of Bogotá Arte Contemporáneo | BAC

Featured Gallery: Bogotá Arte Contemporáneo BAC gallery

Bogotá Arte Contemporáneo BAC gallery is an exhibition space dedicated to display, promote, market and sell the work, practice of contemporary colombian and international artists. Founded in April 2014, the gallery has held a programme of 6 exhibitions over the last year, has participated at Berliner Liste, International Art Fair in September and is currently arranging participation in more international art fairs.

BAC BogotàImage courtesy of Bogotá Arte Contemporáneo | BAC

The art in display is presented in multiple mediums of expression, such as drawing, installation, painting, performance, photography, sculpture, video and digital art.

BAC BogotàImage courtesy of Bogotá Arte Contemporáneo | BAC

The exhibition space is also available for curatorial proposals twice a year, where the director welcomes national or foreign curators to set up a show and present it to the local public.

BAC BogotàImage courtesy of Bogotá Arte Contemporáneo | BAC

The space sizes 240 sqm and counts with one dark projection room for video display. The gallery belongs to the general concept of Bogotá Arte Contemporáneo BAC, a house that will host art, film, bookshop and a coffee shop. Director is Lorena Parada.

more. bogotartecontemporaneo.co

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