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Chun Chun Liu

Born in Taitung, Taiwan, in 1965. As a commercial photographer in 1984, Liu initially shot for low-cost exported magazines, later customized catalogues for design corporations, finally working all the way up to 4A advertisement nowadays. Through Greenwindow Photo Studio, established in 1997, Liu works with advertising agencies and specializes in photographing celebrity endorsements and products.

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Image courtesy of Chun Chun Liu

Within more than thirty-year-long experience in the photography industry, Liu, honoured with several print advertising awards in Taiwan and overseas, has completed many well-known advertisement projects. In advertisement photography for decades, Liu has been devoted to perfecting projects about commodity advertisement or celebrity endorsements, which has been his goal.

Video courtesy of Chun Chun Liu

However, around 2014, an idea came to Liu repeatedly: “It seemed that I had not created something of my own for years, even works that I could take pride in. Indeed, nothing.” From then on, Liu came up with the idea of creating works. Before his creation, Liu took some courses regarding art. By reading texts on art history, Liu managed to figure out his own style at the same time.

In retrospect and reflection on Liu’s photography career, he came to realize that he needs to find a balance between opposite perspectives first, getting shooting done later. Thus, since 2016, the creation project Yuanmao in Chinese came out with a series of works. Certainly, Liu dedicates himself as well as what he has learned to art creation, a plan for the rest of his life.

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Image courtesy of Chun Chun Liu

“In life, we often come with many opinions, thoughts and ways of something. Some share the same perspective while others are truly different. In fact, the perspectives are like views in the viewfinder, unique yet narrow in comparison with one another, even if you consider yours all-embracing”.

In April 2021, a severe drought occurred in Taiwan for the past sixty years, which led to the following regional water rationing nationwide. Nevertheless, a disused salt field in Cigu, Tainan, appeared as a natural wonder, which stunned my first visit there. Immediately, with an impulse to create something based on the project Yuanmao, I led a professional aerial photography group, one week later, to embody my ideas. By flying a 50-million-pixel camera equipped with a telephoto lens, set at a height of 90 meters high, I took pictures of the landscape from above as a scanner. Then, after post-processing 430 files toughly for four months, I came up with a file with 5.6 billion pixels, with each one reaching up to 90.52 GB. Finally, from this giant spliced file, I enlarged some of them into 140 works with different sizes and proportions.

more. www.chunchunliu.com

Video courtesy of Chun Chun Liu
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Image courtesy of Chun Chun Liu
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Image courtesy of Chun Chun Liu
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Image courtesy of Chun Chun Liu
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Image courtesy of Chun Chun Liu

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