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Featured Artist: Fares Micue

Art | December 2, 2021 |

Faresmicue 001
Image courtesy of Fares Micue

Featured Artist
Fares Micue

Fares Micue is a Spanish self-taught fine art/conceptual self-portrait photographer born in Lanzarote (Canary Islands) in 1987. She started photography back in 2009 as a hobby but after 6 years into this hobby, she realized that photography was the perfect medium to share her thoughts, ideas, and perception of reality with others as well as a great tool to combine her other passion that is writing, taking a different approach to the creative process of her images, putting extra attention in all the elements to include in the final image like location, colors, props, mood, and story creating a final image both rich aesthetically and in meaning.

Faresmicue 002
Image courtesy of Fares Micue

“As a self-portrait artist, I use the observation of my surroundings, personal experiences, and my own transformation to create beautiful conceptual images. My work is full of symbolism and every element in my compositions has a purpose and by combining all of them I can transform my ideas into images. I am a highly positive person and this positivity often reflects on my work delivering images with a strong message on personal growth, self-love, and empowerment. I want my images to give hope and teach people to appreciate themselves, to love, dream, and believe that everything is possible if we believe it is. My images often feature simple backgrounds, saturated colors, and characteristic props like flowers, plants, origami, or balloons. I want my work to be viewed as a whole story condensed in one frame.” She is currently based in Las Palmas, Spain.

Faresmicue 003
Image courtesy of Fares Micue

“With my work, I aim to cultivate the importance of positive thinking and the benefits of having a positive view of ourselves. I want my image to plant the seed of curiosity about their own souls and life, inspiring them to become the best version of themselves that they can be. This is a journey I had to walk myself (and still walking) from not knowing who I really was, and once I knew I didn’t really know how to start building up the person I saw in my mind. The only thing I knew was that I first needed to believe that I was worth it and capable of actually becoming that confident being, and in order to do that, I had to get rid of all the limiting beliefs and conceptions I had about myself and my circumstances.”

Faresmicue 004
Image courtesy of Fares Micue

“With my work, I want to tell those who are on their own discovery and growth journey regardless of their age or gender that they are capable of becoming whatever and whoever they want by searching inside their souls first and taking a lesson out of every experience they get to live, like that they will have a clear roadmap of who they are and how they react to the different stimulus they receive, therefore they will be able to make clear changes by making better decisions and choices in future occasions building like that their confidence and knowledge about themself and before they can notice, they will have become the person the envisioned to be.”

Faresmicue 005
Image courtesy of Fares Micue

“In my conceptual images, I explore different feelings and states of mind from the perspective of the natural ability we have to overcome, learn, and grow from them. Many times is hard to see the big picture and ignore the daily struggles as well as sometimes it is hard to enjoy the small victories in contrast to the bigger goal we are following and we have not accomplished yet. With my work, I want to highlight all the precious moments of life and how our state of mind, the way we perceive things, and the way we perceive ourselves will shape our reality. I want the viewer of my work to feel represented and find hope and energy to keep going through life, infusing them with self-love,self-appreciation, and empowerment and letting them know that nothing is impossible and that they have the power to become whoever they want to be.”

more. www.saatchiart.com/faresmicue

Faresmicue 006
Image courtesy of Fares Micue
Faresmicue 007
Image courtesy of Fares Micue
Faresmicue 008
Image courtesy of Fares Micue
Faresmicue 009
Image courtesy of Fares Micue
Faresmicue 010
Image courtesy of Fares Micue
Faresmicue 011
Image courtesy of Fares Micue
Faresmicue 012
Image courtesy of Fares Micue
Faresmicue 013
Image courtesy of Fares Micue
Faresmicue 014
Image courtesy of Fares Micue
Faresmicue 015
Image courtesy of Fares Micue
Faresmicue 016
Image courtesy of Fares Micue
Faresmicue 017
Image courtesy of Fares Micue
Faresmicue 018
Image courtesy of Fares Micue
Faresmicue 019
Image courtesy of Fares Micue
Faresmicue 020
Image courtesy of Fares Micue

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