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Gloria Keh 040
Image courtesy of Gloria Keh

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Gloria Keh

Energy is something we so often take for granted. We fail to recognise its vital importance and its necessary presence. Without energy, there is nothing, there will be nothing. Energy and consciousness are all-pervading. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and to be able to function and engage in the modus operandi of this world, energy is indispensable. Absolutely paramount. The 20 paintings in my solo honours and gives thanks to Energy. It is my humble way, given my limitations to celebrate Energy in colours, and textures whilst romancing the abstraction, and venturing beyond form.

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Image Courtesy of Gloria Keh

Dreams do come through if one works tirelessly and perseveres. The solo exhibition ENERGY by Singapore artist Gloria Keh opened at the Yukyung Art Museum that’s within the Haegeumgang Theme Museum in South Korea, on July 1st 2022. The exhibition ends on August 25th 2022. The exhibition expresses the birth of energy, the creation of the universe and the earth-bound journey of human beings through 20 paintings. How it is the basic instinct for Man to survive, build homes, create, share, know, etc.

Gloria Keh 042
Image courtesy of Gloria Keh

The 20 works express the development process of human society through various colours and textures and finally introspect upon the return to the Source. Work began in 2021 in Singapore, where the artist resides. It is Keh’s fifth solo exhibition. She has held three solos in Singapore and her first overseas solo was staged at the Gallery Steiner in Vienna, Austria.

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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh

ENERGY is her first museum solo. Following the exhibition at the Yukyung Art Museum, the solo will embark on a national museum – tour with respective solos to be held in other art museums in South Korea. In conjunction with this solo, Keh has been awarded an Achievement Award by the museum. Keh has worked with the Haegeumgang Theme Museum for six years, participating yearly in the museum’s Geoje Art Festival every September.

Gloria Keh 048
Image courtesy of Gloria Keh

Gloria Keh, 70, is a Singapore – based artist whose goal is to find freedom, satisfaction and inner peace through her art. She has participated in more than 100 exhibitions and won 18 international art awards. Gloria Keh began painting in childhood. Her late father Martin Fu, an oil painter, was her first art teacher. She studied mandala art and symbolism at the Theosophical Society in Melbourne, Australia, for over 10 years and undertook a short course in art therapy at La Salle art college in Singapore.

Gloria Keh 050
Image courtesy of Gloria Keh

In 2008, Gloria founded Circles of Love, a non-profit charity outreach program, using her art in the service of humanity. She has participated in over 100 art exhibitions. These include Art Expo New York, Shanghai Art Fair, Affordable Art Fairs in Hong Kong and Singapore, Art Basel Red Dot Miami, Contemporary London, Paris Art Fair 2021, Tokyo International Art Fair 2021, and several biennales in Italy and the MEAM Barcelona.

more. www.gloriakeh.com

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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
Gloria Keh 045
Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
Gloria Keh 049
Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
Gloria Keh 052
Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh

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