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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh

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Gloria Keh

As I age, it is inevitable that certain physical issues need to be addressed and accepted. Gone are the days when I could paint huge works for hours on end. Although this realisation was initially very hard to accept, my daily practice of art has brought new dimensions to my world of art. Art is such consolation. It is a dear dear friend that keeps me company so unconditionally. With my art, I am often alone but never am I lonely. As I slow down in my 70th year, I focus more on painting handmade books and smaller artworks. Creativity is not connected to any specific dimensions. Creativity knows no bounds. Whether my art is expressed on paper in my art journal, on a tabletop or painted on larger canvases in my backyard studio, my work unfailingly brings me satisfaction and constantly reminds me of the many blessings art has given me. My artworks, big or small, are my Painted Prayers.

Gloriakeh 002
Image courtesy of Gloria Keh

The years 2021 and 2022 were difficult years not just for me but for most of mankind. The pandemic played havoc. There were uncertainties, fears, and anxieties all around. Very strict rules were enforced in my country, Singapore and we went into what is globally known as lockdowns. But in Singapore, lockdowns are known as circuit breakers. My practice of art that I call sadhana, a Sanskrit word meaning a spiritual practice, kept me from going up the gumtree. My solo exhibition was postponed several times as local laws did not allow visitors etc. and I was utterly disappointed. But I persevered and continued making art faithfully. Finally, in March this year, the month of my 70th birthday, my solo opened at Gnani Arts Gallery in Singapore. This was my fourth solo: two others were held in Singapore and one in Vienna, Austria, before Covid.

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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh

My solo was called PAINTED PRAYERS. I am not a religious person but hopefully a spiritual one. My artworks are basically my painted prayers, and meditations in colour on canvas. The solo showcased 18 large works and 10 small canvases. All were ordered for sale with 100% of the monies from the sales donated to charities of the buyers’ choice. With God’s grace, my solo was a wonderful success, both saleswise and in terms of visitors. Am very pleased to present 18 of my works from my solo, and would like to thank ITSLIQUID for this wonderful opportunity.

more. www.gloriakeh.com

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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh
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Image courtesy of Gloria Keh

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