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Featured Artist: Gudrun Latten

Art | December 23, 2021 |

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Image courtesy of Gudrun Latten

Featured Artist
Gudrun Latten

Gudrun Latten has a University Degree in Art History and History. She is a member of several artist societies among them GEDOK. Since 2014 Gudrun Latten has shown her photographs and videos in Venice (Italy), New York (USA), Los Angeles (USA), Paris (France), London (UK) and other countries. She has been selected for various interviews, catalogues and magazines (international). She has published several essays and texts in the scientific field of Art History and in the field of Art Criticism. She has also published her first novel. Currently, she is working on new books and videos.

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Image courtesy of Gudrun Latten

“In December 2013 I’ve bought a camera and I began taking photographs. I concentrate on architectural photography, abstract photography, landscapes and staged scenes. I discuss aesthetic problems and questions with my photographs and videos. Research topics are so far the (digital) image and all its qualities, (digital) colour, reality and illusion, art-historical genres, pluralism in style, the ambiguity of signs, logic, gender issues and issues of identity. My videos are about figurative art and abstraction, digital colour and movement. I visualize abstract content with figures. My ideal for art is above all Surrealism.”

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Image courtesy of Gudrun Latten

“My art is based on the idea that pictures are signs as well as letters and words. Such signs can have infinite meanings. In my pictures, the meanings differ from common sense. This idea stands in the tradition of Surrealism. In combination, this becomes more complicated. I am fascinated by the logic of pictures and how they can deceive. In my photographs, I show abstract content with figurative objects or with me as a model. My first picture series are called “Narcissus – form follows function« and “Dépaysment – dream travelling through my living-room”. The pictures follow the same logic. I liberate objects and me – my body – from their normal functions and reduce them to pure form. Objects, as well as me or my body, serve as forms in pictures. My pictures and videos all have more than one level of meaning. The pictures tell simple stories on the first level. E.g. the series “Narcissus – form follows function” treats the image of a housewife.”

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Image courtesy of Gudrun Latten

“I play the housewife and alienate the traditional image. I’m an artist in reality and I don’t know how to handle this everyday life. I don’t even know how to recognize myself in a mirror. I search for myself in various mirrors and pictures. In contrast to Narcissus, I don’t look at my reflection in a lake. I’m female and might not be able to have such visionary awareness. The mirror image is the end of performativity in my research about myself and myself. I overact this search for me and myself. It’s the performance of a female Narcissism. I keep wondering why this is not me. The more abstract level of meaning in this series is about virtual reality and real-life reality. I test the possibilities of forms and functions for both realities. It is always slightly different: in reality, in the mirror and on the picture.”

Gudrunlatten 003
Image courtesy of Gudrun Latten

“I have used some pictures of the series “Dépaysment. Dreamtravelling through my living-room” for my first novel. The series has a whole different plot than my novel. The series treats a new way of seeing the living room in which I’ve been living for years. I see all my personal belongings through the eyes of a child, I don’t know how to handle them correctly and I find new functions for them. Everything seems strange and foreign. I treat childish habits. They appear to be cruel and beautiful at the same time. The tradition of baroque Still Life is also essential for the pictures. In the novel, the world loses all its colours. It turns to black and white as well as grey shades. The people in this fantastic world want to have the colours back, they search for the colours and they go mad. The pictures I have used for the book are no illustrations. But they relate to the atmosphere of the plot. The storyline in the book and the pictures both have utopian and dystopian aspects. For my new book, I will use pictures of my series “Reflections”.

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Image courtesy of Gudrun Latten

This book starts with the apocalypse. Mankind dies. Thereafter new universes arise and vanish. Mankind has changed. Few can witness the origination of new worlds. Colours come to life and build landscapes themselves. I describe surreal scenes. I think of the pictures as small microcosms. Pictures correspond to my writing in a certain manner. This is similar to the correlations of pictures and titles. The ambiguity of signs and the combination of signs is essential to my art. My videos are about figurative art and abstraction, digital colour and movement. I visualize abstract content with figures. I also work on digital colours and the metamorphoses colours experience. I like the idea of sensing pleasure in seeing moving colours.”

more. www.saatchiart.com/latten

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Image courtesy of Gudrun Latten

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