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Featured Artist: Holger Triltsch

Art | April 6, 2022 |

Holgertriltsch 004
Image courtesy of Holger Triltsch

Featured Artist: Holger Triltsch

Born in 1966 near Berlin, H. Triltsch grew up in East Germany in Falkensee. Now he lives in Werder/Havel which is closed to Potsdam. In East Germany Triltsch worked in different artist groups like “Keine Art” and “Salon Visionell”. They realized several art book projects because of difficulties with exhibitions in state galleries at this time. After 1989 he was able to exhibit his work in several cities in Germany and Europe for instance in Potsdam, Halle, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Zürich, London, Madrid and Wien. In 2020 additionally, he came to Illustrations and some Artwork for Musicians. Because of the Corona-Restrictions, he took part in some virtual exhibitions during the last few years. Triltsch has always been fascinated by renaissance artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Dürer, Raffael and Botticelli and also other currents of realistic art. Nevertheless, he is still searching for his own powerful and emotional visual language.

Holgertriltsch 002
Image courtesy of Holger Triltsch

“As a little boy, I loved to draw while sitting at the gigantic wooden desk of my grandfather. I drew everything around me like stones, mussels, buttons, coins, plants, birds and clouds. This was my own way to discover the world. Now five decades later I still draw and paint with the same fascination observing the inexhaustible wealth of forms and colours in our world. Last week I was impressed by the shimmering light on an old leather sofa, yesterday I marvelled at the beauty of wrinkled skin around the eyes of a woman and today I was amused by a flock of crows fighting over a walnut. Thus every day I always find new ingredients for the next drawing or painting. Then working on it I combine different techniques of drawing and painting as well as themes from classical mythology and the Renaissance with my own experiences and perspectives.”

more. www.holger-triltsch.net

Holgertriltsch 003
Image courtesy of Holger Triltsch
Holgertriltsch 005
Image courtesy of Holger Triltsch
Holgertriltsch 006
Image courtesy of Holger Triltsch
Holgertriltsch 009
Image courtesy of Holger Triltsch
Holgertriltsch 008
Image courtesy of Holger Triltsch

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