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Ingelajohansson 003
Image courtesy of Ingela Johansson

Featured Artist
Ingela Johansson

Painting is and has always been my way of making sense of what is happening in the world. My process is to go out in nature or the cityscape around me, come back to sit in meditation, and then paint what I have experienced, inspired by colors, emotions, and senses around me. I have been fortunate to meet, discuss and live with people from many cultures and see color in different landscapes and that influences and changes my art.”

Ingelajohansson 001
Image courtesy of Ingela Johansson

For Ingela Johansson, the universality of emotions, senses, and colors is what inspires art. By creating in nature and in combination with meditation, her brush can flow freely, often creating pieces that may evoke a certain feeling in her. Ingela was born in Sweden and educated in London, Stockholm, and Borås.

Ingelajohansson 004
Image courtesy of Ingela Johansson

She has lived and worked as an artist in South East Asia for six years but has now moved back to Sweden to be closer to nature and family. Ingela’s works are in many private collections worldwide, notably: Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, China, New York, Norway, Sweden, Paris, Italy, Indonesia and UK. Paintings at the Swedish Embassy in Singapore and The New Zealand High Commission. She has exhibited in eight countries and has worked as an artist since 2014. Her art agent for Asia is Betty Ashman at Club Artisans. Ingela is also the founder of Zenart and runs programs in art meditation. She has written the book “Create to Flow” about installing a habit for creative well-being.

Ingelajohansson 005
Image courtesy of Ingela Johansson

The Colors & Emotions exhibition is a collection of emotions expressed through color. And the best part is that we will all interpret them differently, depending on our own emotional state. If any of the paintings resonate with you, then Ingela has achieved her goal.

Ingelajohansson 002
Image courtesy of Ingela Johansson

“Color & Emotion is a celebration and exploration of feelings. Painted from meditation while listening to music. Some are raw with just a few brushstrokes; some are built up layer after layer. I have always been fascinated by how colors bring out feelings, and how we translate them is often related to how we look at color in the landscape and culture around us. When I did the curation for this exhibition, the selection was different. If I could feel a painting in my gut, it made the cut”.

more. www.swedishartanddesign.com

Ingelajohansson 006
Image courtesy of Ingela Johansson
Ingelajohansson 007
Image courtesy of Ingela Johansson
Ingelajohansson 008
Image courtesy of Ingela Johansson
Ingelajohansson 009
Image courtesy of Ingela Johansson
Ingelajohansson 010
Image courtesy of Ingela Johansson
Ingelajohansson 011
Image courtesy of Ingela Johansson
Ingelajohansson 012
Image courtesy of Ingela Johansson
Ingelajohansson 013
Image courtesy of Ingela Johansson

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