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Featured Artist: Irina Ges

Art | December 3, 2021 |

Irinages 001
Image courtesy of Irina Ges

Featured Artist
Irina Ges

I was born in Latvia, in the city of Riga, and I have been living in Lithuania for 35 years. I inherited an amazing set of genes from my parents: from my father, analytical mindset and logical thinking (hence my passion for algebra and geometry), and from my mother imaginative thinking, imagination and strong intuition and creativity. I had a passion for drawing, curiosity and ingenuity since early childhood, but, unfortunately, it was not customary in our family to praise and support their children, so I haven’t heard anything but criticism and remarks.

Irinages 002
Image courtesy of Irina Ges

Feelings of loneliness haunted me since childhood and only by drawing or reading books, my imagination carry me away to other worlds and spaces. By the age of 16, my mom made it clear to me two things, that I’m not beautiful and that I’m not an artist. And I believed it. Leaving to study in Vilnius, I was absolutely terrified, I did not see my place in life, I did not understand who I was and what I wanted, and I was sure that I was nobody. Only now do I realize that all subsequent events in my life were happening in order for me to believe otherwise.

Irinages 003
Image courtesy of Irina Ges

Over the next 30 years, I was married three times, raised two beautiful, confident children, opened and successfully sold three businesses, built a house, planted a wonderful garden and much more. Life led me by the handle, not letting me escape or stop. Believe me, I resisted, but the circumstances were such that I began to live anew five times. Absolutely everything changed. I can say that I have lived not one life, but five. It’s like dying and rebirth. All these rebirths changed me beyond recognition and one thing would not be possible without the other. Of course, in the most difficult moments, I “ran to the canvas”, did several works in one breath and returned to normal business.

Irinages 004
Image courtesy of Irina Ges

Two years ago, I was experiencing the end of my fourth life. The divorce was already behind, the successful business ceased to give me pleasure, I did not see opportunities for development and successfully sold it. A month later, a quarantine was announced around the world. People around were frightened and confused. But for me, this time was like a gift from heaven. I was like a butterfly in a cocoon that was given time to fully form. I began to revive, to come to life and of course, I began to draw and I can no longer stop. This time, everything was different. The feeling of loneliness disappeared. And quiet happiness wrapped me in an invisible blanket. I realized that everything I create in my life, I create as an artist, materializing 3D paintings. I didn’t study to be a hairdresser, but I can get any haircut, I’m not a builder, but I can do any repairs, I’m not a gardener, but in my garden, everyone wants to stay forever. I’m not an administrator, but in my little hotel, guests always felt at home.

Irinages 005
Image courtesy of Irina Ges

Ideas and inspiration flow in a continuous stream. I realize that my “fifth life” has already begun. And I know it’s going to be a big and long adventure. I am not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, and now I catch changes like a tailwind that helps me get to my dream faster. Love overwhelms my heart because I have finally found my true love – this is self-love! And I found my true passion – this is my creativity! Through my work, I want to share the ability to sense the moment. Many people, like me in the past, do not understand the meaning of this word. The beauty, diversity and perfection of life that surround us at any given time very often go unnoticed.

Irinages 006
Image courtesy of Irina Ges

Throughout the day, we look at the world around us through our thoughts. Vanity, chaos, drama exist only in our heads and are the result of only our choices. All this, usually, has nothing to do with reality. If at least 1 time in a day you stop, listen and look around, you will find yourself in another world and nothing but, you will not experience admiration, love and gratitude at this moment. And it is this moment that is the reality that actually exists. It is at that moment that you feel a part of life, without restrictions, beliefs, comparisons, judgments, guilt, everything that forms our illusion of reality. At this point, you can feel what you are and what you want to be, what she is, the best version of you. To see that the best version of us is always in harmony with the world around us. In my work, you will always see some moment or state. I observe and study the diversity of the states of life at the moment.

Irinages 007
Image courtesy of Irina Ges

We live as if we will never die. But it’s not. I have changed a lot and continue to change, already consciously. I feel a tremendous sense of love and gratitude for every moment of my life. I want my work to inspire people, give strength and confidence, the desire to learn new things, experiment, change, trust yourself and life, be brave, want change, not avoid them. I try to convey all this through the colours, shapes, images and states that radiate from my work. I believe that everyone can make their life the way they want. And that’s fine.

more. www.igartstudija.lt

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Image courtesy of Irina Ges

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