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Featured Artist: Ivanna Plaza Frattari

Art | July 17, 2022 |

Ivannaplazafrattari 001
Image courtesy of Ivanna Plaza Frattari

Featured Artist
Ivanna Plaza Frattari

Ivanna Plaza Frattari is an Argentine visual artist; she has managed to take her paintings to various places in the world, in it, she shows much of the desert environment where she grew up (San Juan-Argentina) from an impure palette, broken colors, Ivanna begins to deprive us of some certainties. She simultaneously unveils the desert, unique, private, and original, where nothing exists and everything is possible. From sensoriality, as a universal resource, her paintings confront us with an experience that never ceases to surprise us. She disposes of us, in a certain way, to vulnerability. Through a new attack on any resistance of certainty, Ivanna turns to the scale, a lethal resource that takes away all visual control over the work, which can no longer be apprehended with just a quick glance, but requires the mobility of our body, to take distance, to have different points of view and go through it. That is, unstabilize us.

Ivannaplazafrattari 002
Image courtesy of Ivanna Plaza Frattari

To understand it, we have to change, not only change the body but also change the status and the concept. Its size makes us nomads, we are no longer passive spectators, but melancholy passers-by the work we inhabit, and by which we have been engulfed. The limits are fused, they are confused. There is no longer room for the scene and everything becomes a great and unique experience. An experience that questions visuality. Ivanna, confronts us with the task of new visualities, building new landscapes, to look from other perspectives. Her artistic proposal requires an unprecedented look, and for this reason, anarchic and inclusive of everything that can be seen. Hopefully, we are able and brave to throw ourselves into the experience.

Ivannaplazafrattari 003
Image courtesy of Ivanna Plaza Frattari

Throughout my artistic career, my work reflects what surrounds me and what worries me: the mountains, the desert, and the loneliness. I look for inspiration in my experiences, in the place where I was born and grew up, and where water scarcity determines everything. A wild landscape, a palette of broken colors, a faded landscape that contrasts with the raging blue sky, where the stars shine with shameless shrillness on silent nights and where the suffocating sun takes over the days, coloring the naps yellow. A place where people worship a mythical and pagan figure, a woman who died for being thirsty and looking for a missing husband with her newborn son, and a place where the most precious offering, before an accomplished miracle, is a simple bottle of water.

Ivannaplazafrattari 004
Image courtesy of Ivanna Plaza Frattari

A ghost town, salt crosses invoking the rain, dusty atmospheres, scant, woody, and faded vegetation, there are no greens in my work! The Earth merges with the sky in an endless line and the hot wind corrodes the stone at every moment, natural sculptures as a predominant element that convey to me almost spiritual feelings of immensity, greatness, loneliness, and silence. That great silence that abounds in The Andes and manages to contact with my inner abyss. The goal of the work is, thorough the scale, to dispose of the spectator to the vulnerability, to immerse him in the subject and the gesture, setting him in tension between the sensorial and his own image, depriving him of some certainties, destabilizing him, melting the limits, engulfing him with the scale, encouraging him to build new landscapes and to look from other perspectives.

more. Instagram: @ivanna_frattari

Ivannaplazafrattari 005
Image courtesy of Ivanna Plaza Frattari
Ivannaplazafrattari 006
Image courtesy of Ivanna Plaza Frattari
Ivannaplazafrattari 007
Image courtesy of Ivanna Plaza Frattari
Ivannaplazafrattari 008
Image courtesy of Ivanna Plaza Frattari
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Image courtesy of Ivanna Plaza Frattari

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