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Featured Artist: Julia Cassia

Art | October 25, 2021 |

Juliacassia 001
Image courtesy of Julia Cassia

Featured Artist
Julia Cassia

My name is Julia Cassia and I am a professional abstract painter. It’s been about 10 years since I got interested in art and painting and bought my very first precious colours. I saw simple tutorials on YouTube and started to learn myself and explore to find my own way of painting. It took me some years to really find my own style, but no matter what technique or colours I’ve been using during these years, my one and only inspiration has always been nature. I live in this beautiful place surrounded by endless forests and lakes in Switzerland.

Juliacassia 002
Image courtesy of Julia Cassia

I love to feel the texture of the natural materials and when I look at a finished painting, I know exactly the story of every single detail and how they ended up on the canvas. I have always painted with acrylic colours, and I love to paint in different layers. Creating captivating abstracts can be tricky but one thing that always works and I can practice, is making lots of layers: they create depth and visual interest. It might look complex and difficult, but it’s actually quite easy, once you have understood the concept and some basic rules.

Juliacassia 003
Image courtesy of Julia Cassia

I really use art to express myself and to connect deeper with the world around me. I actually began painting in 2012 when I was a student at St.-Gallen University; I was studying on the Management course “Woman back to business”. I just really felt it wasn’t creative enough for me. Therefore I started to paint and was succesful in Switzerland and EU countries.

more. www.cassiaart.com

Juliacassia 004
Image courtesy of Julia Cassia

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