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Featured Artist: Lynn Creighton

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Image courtesy of Lynn Creighton

Featured Artist
Lynn Creighton

Lynn Creighton‘s development as an artist has paralleled her personal growth as an active participant in Native American philosophies and ceremonies. She apprenticed with a medicine man and, under his direction, pursued a deeper and deeper connection to a divine creative source and came to a deeper knowledge and understanding of herself and her place in the universe. It is her continued transformational practices (leading purification lodges, vision-quests, and other ceremonies) that inform her work.

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Image courtesy of Lynn Creighton

A request to lead lodges for people recovering from abuse brought awareness of abuse as an issue. Following extensive investigation, Ms. Creighton became convinced that cultural healing from abuse and other distresses depends on women’s ability to awaken to the truth of who they are, to hear the authentic voice of the feminine from within and all around themselves, and to establish balance and harmony with masculine energy. Her exuberant bronze figures represent this reality and offer an invitation to all women to celebrate themselves in their own lives.

Journeys to places of power have provided catalytic moments that prepared the path for discovery of her forms. In Palenque of Mexico’s Yucatan Ms. Creighton heard a call to pursue the awakening of women to full knowledge of the truth of who they are, uncontaminated by the constraints of culture. In Greece she learned that the worship of a female deity preceded Zeus’s domination and that knowledge of Her was purposefully concealed. In Bali the merging of two rivers in Ubud called for the fully active and aware female to join and merge with the fully active energetic male.

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Image courtesy of Lynn Creighton

Lynn Creighton was called to clay by the yellow bowl Mrs. White helped her complete on the potter’s wheel in fourth grade. After the birth of her daughter in 1966 and with two sons already in school, Ms. Creighton learned to throw on the potter’s wheel. A return to the University for further study in ceramics as an undergraduate for the second time and a graduate degree led to a strong connection to clay and the possibilities inherent in its plasticity. While visiting the studios of Shoji Hamada in Japan, she was inspired by his intense involvement with the form emerging from his touch and his paddles. Upon her return she began to explore with paddles of her own. Her love of clay and its plasticity inspires dedication to the possibilities for form emerging as the paddle engages with the clay with the force generated by Creighton’s desire to find the form of women in celebration of life. Hidden in her earlier work of huge monoliths representing the life-force of the Taoists emerging from the slime, was the implication that the feminine is the vehicle through which life emerges in the continuation of life’s cycles. Finally, the real nature of her work was revealed and she adjusted her focus to an ongoing process of discovery revealing through the female form the possibility of entry into the sacred by celebrating life. This most recent series, Love, What’s it to Ya, grows out of her certainty that love is the basic ingredient of life worth living. Now she is working on a series called “Where is Love?”

Lynncreighton 004
Image courtesy of Lynn Creighton

She has transmitted her passion for investigation as an artist to her students at Moorpark College and California Lutheran University for over thirty years.

The intention of making her ideas apparent through image has been accomplished through exhibitions throughout the United States, in France, South Africa, Italy, England, and in Japan. She exhibited sculpture in Nice, France in 2006, Hyere, France in 2010 and Luxembourg in 2011. For many years Ms. Creighton traveled with her work to gatherings celebrating feminine spirituality, first in Northridge, Tujunga, Santa Inez, and Malibu, California, then in Hawaii, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Minnesota. She continues showing her work and teaching about the sacredness of women’s core energy. Her book, Reclaiming the Sacred Source: the Ancient Power and Wisdom of Women’s Sexuality, is ready for publication.

Lynncreighton 005
Image courtesy of Lynn Creighton

“For forty years I have pursued clarity and understanding of the trauma women have experienced to the core of their being: their sexual energy. First in sculpture then in a book, both under the title “Reclaiming the Sacred Source,” I have sought to repair the damage to women’s ability to celebrate life that began five thousand years ago that continues into the structure of our societies today. My journey into exploring this issue began with my work with a Native American medicine-man who taught that the human expressed truth of his/her being through the ENERGY OF THE MIND, THE BODY, THE EMOTIONS, THE SOUL, AND SEXUALITY.

Primary to his teachings was the idea that the source of all things cannot see itself since it is pure energy, pure energy with consciousness; we are that energy slowed down by that Divine consciousness so that it can see and celebrate itself; we have a responsibility to celebrate our lives as a divine gift; any action or thought that is not in celebration is not part of the divine plan; we must begin to remember that we are here to celebrate life and the creator of life before we destroy all the gifts out of our ignorance and forgetfulness of the life’s blessings; it is apparent that we do not have forever to make the required changes in our behavior.

Lynncreighton 006
Image courtesy of Lynn Creighton

Many women believe that their function is to serve the culture as it is and claim their right to prosperity because they do not know the anguish their ancestors suffered as their lives were contorted beginning 5,000 years ago and what was lost to them in that catastrophe. What would we be doing now as people if women had been playing a part in setting the agenda all along? Women in the lodges and on the vision-quests I led were not celebrating the feminine of their being. They were often weeping about sexual abuse and the horror sexuality continued to produce in their lives. Without orgasmic connection to their fundamental nature they were imbalanced in their actions, out of sync with natural ebb and flow of life, making choices and decisions that were not connected to the truth of themselves and not serving the planet. Disconnection from the power of sexuality disconnected them from the power of their acts. The planet is continually disrupted, even destroyed as a result of human imbalance. Women had been deprived access to their true nature just as schemes were developed for robbing all nature of her resources

It is the chaotic disorder; the illogic of the way we live that compelled the building of these sculptures and the writing of this book. The situation is urgent; reconnection to the sacredness and inherent power of sexuality will re-energize us and re-inform our choices. This book and these sculptures are meant to stimulate women to speak the truth – out-loud in public places – the truth revealed to them at the peak of orgasm when their brains are activated by the electric charge of orgasm, the truth that will call us to action and revive practices that sustain and celebrate life: remembering to take care of the blessing of life.

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Image courtesy of Lynn Creighton

Coming alive in themselves, each of my sculptures is erupting into celebration of who she actually is, what her life is about and what she is meant to do. These represent women who are claiming their place as full participants in the culture bearing authentic gifts through their DNA and their particular perspective regarding all that is. The gateway must be kept open for women to know the truth of who they are and the gifts they offer. I attempt to do with words what my sculpture reveals in form. Sexual abuse distorts all aspects of our lives because sexual energy is at the very core of our being where it functions to enliven our energy or diminish it; bring joy or distress; draw knowledge from intimate relationships or cause pain; excite us into the highest possibility of who we are or pull us down into deep depression.

Lynncreighton 008
Image courtesy of Lynn Creighton

Abuse and its disruption of sexual energy is a central issue for our society as many are deprived of sexuality’s capacity to provide delight and energy for living in the abundance of life, to raise the human condition to a celebration of life, and to access the core of their being. Sacred sexuality has the capacity to move us to healing patterns of living and celebrating life. My work presents women’s orgasm as the un-taped energy source that has the potential to bring us back to harmony in a way of living that works. Women must do the work of remembering who they are as women and what their intrinsic nature sees and demands. They must offer the culture their own ideas of what must be done, how we are to act, what is important, what the shape of our lives must be to be in harmony and balance with everything else. The women must come forward as who they truly are and offer their opinions to be harmonized with the imperatives already in place, the way life actually is.

Lynncreighton 009
Image courtesy of Lynn Creighton

There were twenty to thirty thousand years of history as humankind recognized it was alive in a world that supported life. The Goddess was celebrated as the supreme Creatrix of life, honored by sacred sexuality. Women’s early history demonstrates lives fully energized, authentic, beings informed by the highest vibrations of their orgasms. Beyond the energetic celebration of life-force represented in my sculpture, my book, “Reclaiming the Sacred Source: The Ancient Power and Wisdom of Women’s Sexuality,” takes a closer look at ancient ways to understand a time when each person was sacred, everything in the environment was sacred, and all events were part of the blessing that was created when life was created – at a time before the invasion of the Indo-Europeans when life was a celebration.

That world was threatened and eventually overcome by a violent male deity who taught distain for women’s sexuality. The ensuing battle and distortions have lasted for 5,000 years. Knowing who we have been and accepting the potential of the sacrament of orgasm to reveal unseen truths, we can make immediate claims to a level of existence closer to what was envisioned by the Divine when life was first given. Orgasm is a gift that comes with life. It increases the vibratory rate of the electromagnetic structures that hold us together and activate us. When these charged vibrations get to our brain, we experience KNOWING – who we are, why we are here, what we are supposed to do – what life is about. Trauma to our sexual system reduces our ability to function in life.

Our children must be prepared and allowed to develop their sexual skills so that they might experience the highest level of their energy allowing them to experience life as a celebration of the most profound reality of themselves. Sexuality must be restored to a central honoring to return life to a continual celebration.”

more. www.lynncreighton.com

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Image courtesy of Lynn Creighton

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