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Featured Artist: Miriam Prantl

Art | December 12, 2021 |

Miriamprantl 001
Image courtesy of Miriam Prantl

Featured Artist
Miriam Prantl

In physics, string theory reckons with at least 10 dimensions, some of which are so incredibly compact and narrow that there would be no room for either particles or mass. A completely different and uncertain spatial quality, as we know it from three-dimensional space. Opening, condensing, closing, stringing together, shifting, constructing, opening up spaces are only some of the functions with which I would like to define pictorial space, in order to discover new insights in the examination of space.

Miriamprantl 002
Image courtesy of Miriam Prantl

By searching for new color combinations that create contrasts and frictions, that spatially and structurally construct the surface and space of a picture, I use random color schemes to penetrate into the spaces between a picture. Through these color combinations, I can control the intensity of how far the picture extends from the surface into the space and up or down.

Miriamprantl 003
Image courtesy of Miriam Prantl

Bringing two different spatial components together allows to act on two levels simultaneously and to cause synchronization of perception. The fabric bands are a constructive design element in the picture, which is drawn as a very flat relief over the illusionistic space of the painting. Thus, in the space between relief and painting, an interweaving of a further optical level is created, the fathoming of which is an important aspect of my work.

Miriamprantl 004
Image courtesy of Miriam Prantl

Colour and music are vibrations that harmonize and are in coherence with each other. Since the senses actually overlap when a vibration of color evokes a tone at the same time, this confirms the complexity of our perceptual possibilities. This sensual intelligence is one of the things I would like to address in my work.

Miriamprantl 005
Image courtesy of Miriam Prantl

“It is Miriam Prantl‘s ambition to involve the viewer in a sensually transformed, energetically charged space, to take in moments of light. The colored light dissolves the contours of the space, the programmed circuit transforms time into ephemeral, sensually heightened moments of color. To step out of the materiality and density of physical space and to make the place of “light painting” experienceable, at least for a time, as a pulsating, flowing continuum – this is how one could characterize the artist`s approach.”

Excerpt from opening speech Christoph Bauer Museum Singen, D. 2011

more. www.miriamprantl.com

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Image courtesy of Miriam Prantl
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Image courtesy of Miriam Prantl
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Image courtesy of Miriam Prantl

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