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Featured Artist: Päivyt Niemeläinen

Art | July 6, 2021 |

Paivytniemelainen 001
NIGHT, 2019, 81x89cm, collage on board | Image courtesy of Päivyt Niemeläinen

Featured Artist
Päivyt Niemeläinen

Visual artist, MA Päivyt Niemeläinen is living and working in Helsinki, Finland. First she graduated as a textile artist. Her studies in fine art, art history, ethnology and archeology give a rich back ground for her artistic expression. Oil paintings, watercolors and mixed media technics are her main methods. She is familiar with prehistoric rock painting technique and applies it in contemporary expression. Her three-dimensional structural works are recycled material, and in these pittosculture works she seeks a balance between plastical form and painting.

Paivytniemelainen 002
TWIRLS, 2016, 97x107cm (on board), pittoscultura | Image courtesy of Päivyt Niemeläinen

“I love Finland’s nature, the rich manifestations of the seasons. I love silence of the snow landscape, the explosive power of the spring, the light of the summer nights, storm of autumn colors. Impressions and phenomenons of nature, old great stories in the history, and human life – in good and bad – is in the focus of my art. Over the past 15 years I have made current anti-war art against greediness for money and violent oppression. Recently money has become a winner, and human life became the looser. The extremely expensive mass weapon wars have destroyed countries, nations and cultural heritage. The only winners in current wars are the great-shareholders of the war industry. Money has become a god. It is now more important than the human life, and the preservation of nature. Continuum of humanity has been broken. My artworks act as a comment on behalf of peace.

Paivytniemelainen 006
MISTY MORNING, 2016, 59x79cm, on board | Image courtesy of Päivyt Niemeläinen

My oil paintings glow often in strong colors. The technics of old masters is one of my favorites. Abstract paintings hide sometimes features of figures, having symbolic meaning. My aquarelles are colorful. I paint many layers of color on each other to increase the intensity of the color. On the way to the wonders of art history, I have delved into prehistoric rock painting techniques, and adapted it in my present working. Painting on aquarelle paper, using pure pigments and blood-water mixture as painting fluids. I find forms challenging, and have created three dimensional mixed media art works. Starting from the collage and progressing to relief structures. Pittoscultura. In these works I try to find balance between plastical form and painting.

Paivytniemelainen 004
PIECE OF FORGOTTEN RAINBOW, 2015, 60x80cm, pittoscultura on board | Image courtesy of Päivyt Niemeläinen

Since 2000 I have worked as a visual artist and I had solo exhibitions in Finland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and the USA. In Finland, most of my exhibitions have been in galleries in Helsinki. Participations in international collective exhibitions and art fairs in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Colombia. England, Finland, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malta, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.”

more. www.paivytniemelainen.fi

Paivytniemelainen 005
SUMMER, 2016 ,50x55cm, pittoscultura on board | Image courtesy of Päivyt Niemeläinen
Paivytniemelainen 007
LAST RAINBOW IN SUMMER, 2014,50x55cm, pittoscultura on board | Image courtesy of Päivyt Niemeläinen
Paivytniemelainen 008
ICE RIVER, 2019, 90x180cm, pittoscultura on board | Image courtesy of Päivyt Niemeläinen
Paivytniemelainen 009
GREEN, 2019, 48x43cm, pittoscultura on board | Image courtesy of Päivyt Niemeläinen

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