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Featured artist: Pato Reichler

Art | November 21, 2021 |

Patoreichler 001
Image courtesy of Pato Reichler

Featured artist
Pato Reichler

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From a very young age, I have been passionate about art. I always painted and always sang, I am also an engineer, but a few years ago I decided to focus exclusively on painting. Although I worked on different themes using different techniques, for more than 6 years I have dedicated myself to painting my own interpretation of the stories (Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Puss in Boots, and Alicia among others). My goal is to get through them to the most childish part that we all have inside. But at the same time, I also seek to mobilize the viewer with the psychological side of my works. I work using different techniques: oil, collage, mixed media, pastels, and stained glass lacquer.

Patoreichler 002
Image courtesy of Pato Reichler

I am a very persevering person, with clear objectives and I consider myself a good communicator. It is in that same line that I want, and I try that my works transmit emotions, mobilize, and give a message to the viewer. I usually start my artworks with a clear idea of what I’m going to do, the main objective being the message I want to convey. I think about it, I sketch, I rethink the idea, locate the characters and I start working with the colors and materials until I reach the final result I was looking for.

Patoreichler 003
Image courtesy of Pato Reichler

As an artist, I have inspiration moments where the idea arises, and when this happens I won’t be able to stop thinking about it and I need to get to work and develop this idea. It happens to me that it is difficult for me to handle anxiety, for example between drying times (when I have to wait until oil dries) because I have the need to finish the work, so it looks as I picture it in my mind. And this moment of inspiration doesn’t occur at a specific day of the week or moment of the day, it just happens.

Patoreichler 004
Image courtesy of Pato Reichler

As an artist I overcame the barrier of “what will they say?”. Before, I was concerned about what people might think when seeing my works since I always developed very sensitive topics. Nowadays I managed to overcome this in part thanks to my work, to the characters of the stories I paint; I show very current realities and situations and I’ve come to realize that people, in general, feel identified with my work at some point. I have had a very good reception from the different audiences and that encourages me to continue creating. In my life, there were certain triggers that led me to develop the topics I represent in my works.

Patoreichler 005
Image courtesy of Pato Reichler

When someone asks me what is the meaning or the story behind my work I usually answer that there are experiences that mark us, and many of these are the kind that you wish not to happen to anyone else. I also like to express how important respect for the other person is, and the importance is able to tell someone: “Up to here, this is the limit”, or that you can always get out of the darkest and tangled forest. Also, I try to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the environment and our planet. I like to work with topics that involve questions that people usually ask themselves and sometimes don’t dare to express. I want my works to have a lot of content and to be mobilizing.

more. www.patoreichler.com.ar

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Image courtesy of Pato Reichler
Patoreichler 007
Image courtesy of Pato Reichler

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