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Featured Artist: Patrick Joosten

Art | May 3, 2022 |

Patrickjoosten 001
Image courtesy of Patrick Joosten

Featured Artist: Patrick Joosten

I am predominantly a self-taught artist, and I am not following any particular artistic movement. I paint, and draw for the pleasure of creation, hoping to share moments of emotion with those who appreciate modern art. I offer energetic, powerful abstract works, often inspired by nature, with the constant search to bring emotions and pleasure.

Patrickjoosten 002
Image courtesy of Patrick Joosten

Patrick Joosten’s flowing gestures are full of emotional dedication. His artworks convince predominantly with the pathos of their colours. With his acrylic paintings, Joosten takes observers to a new reality, created by his wide brushstroke, and his way of scraping one colour across the next to create unique transitions. The traces of his tools bear witness to his process-oriented way of working. The texture of coloured spaces is a special focus in his work. The resulting stretches of painting become screens of projection for the observer’s thoughts, emotions and dreams. Abstraction seems to have grown a soul. At times, a deep Sky blue starts a conversation with bright red structures or an immaterial lemon-yellow run into a figure sporting a grey design.” Gallery Crillon Tokyo

more. www.patrick-joosten.com

Patrickjoosten 003
Image courtesy of Patrick Joosten
Patrickjoosten 004
Image courtesy of Patrick Joosten
Patrickjoosten 005
Image courtesy of Patrick Joosten
Patrickjoosten 006
Image courtesy of Patrick Joosten
Patrickjoosten 007
Image courtesy of Patrick Joosten
Patrickjoosten 008
Image courtesy of Patrick Joosten
Patrickjoosten 009
Image courtesy of Patrick Joosten

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