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Featured Artist: Ro_Art_Us

Art | December 18, 2021 |

Olgarokhmanyuk 002
Image courtesy of Ro_Art_Us

Featured Artist

Ro_Art_Us is a Ukrainian American artist who’s always had a passion for art. Ever since her childhood, she drew every time she got a chance. Later on, she worked at jobs that often required drawing skills – like making ads and decorating shop windows. Then, she worked as a successful interior designer, always drawing her designs by hand.

Now Ro_Art_Us has found her passion for creativity for the soul. She never sketches for her paintings, she always draws what she is feeling at the moment. She feels a special connection with nature, which is why many of her paintings depict the sea, flowers, and landscapes. She considers freedom to be the main value. The freedom to live while creating, to choose for the soul, to act with love, to fall asleep with gratitude…

“I am an artist. I create for the soul. Paintbrush and blank canvas are like a path to a new life for me. They fill my exulting heart with rapturous love, let me see the indescribable beauty around, which I hope to share with You… What prompted me to pick up the brush? I think it was fate. As I lived in another country, my life was filled with bright events. But suddenly, everything turned upside down. When I arrived in America, I did not know the language. I became mute and all I could do was contemplate a new life, new amazing nature… With that, glee and feelings overwhelmed my heart.”

Olgarokhmanyuk 001
Image courtesy of Ro_Art_Us

“And I found a way out for them – through my brush and a blank canvas… After all, the sea, the flowers, and nature do not know language barriers, they speak the language of great love for us. It’s as if I land into a fairy tale every time I see a blank canvas in front of me. There is something in my soul that I have not yet found and my paintbrushes are the only way to find the answer. I listen to them and create. That is why I never do sketches for my paintings. I always draw what I feel at the moment. I don’t finish drawing until my artwork is done because tomorrow will be a new day, which will bring a new perception of the painting.”

more. www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/1165655

Olgarokhmanyuk 004
Image courtesy of Ro_Art_Us
Olgarokhmanyuk 005
Image courtesy of Ro_Art_Us
Olgarokhmanyuk 006
Image courtesy of Ro_Art_Us
Olgarokhmanyuk 008
Image courtesy of Ro_Art_Us
Olgarokhmanyuk 003
Image courtesy of Ro_Art_Us

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