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Featured Artist: Tasha Wolff

Art | November 20, 2021 |

Tashawolff 001
Image courtesy of Tasha Wolff

Featured Artist
Tasha Wolff

I was born in the USSR. This fact was probably determinating in my artist formation, as I were there I was suffocated by the soviet realism, moral and political line. But since I left many years ago, I started to appreciate some soviet art’s expression, mainly sculpture, which release huge force and energy and seems to me in temporal. I try to transmute the same intensity in my work. As I suffered from the banality, boring quotidian, lack of creativity, permanent regulation of human beings, I fell into some kind of excessiveness, I wanted to catch up with the lost time and live several lives. That’s why I became a secret agent. I lived dangerously, changing countries, on the razor’s edge but I always had the intensity of being that fulfilled me. During this period I have never stopped creating and sometimes I was undercover as an artist.

Tashawolff 002
Image courtesy of Tasha Wolff

Now, this part of my life is behind me and I’m undercover as a secret agent for being an artist. So I try to do the same thing in my artwork, live several lives, leave coded messages, cover the tracks, melt a multitude of simultaneous experiences. It induce me to create my concept “7 ZIP time“. Times and periods get mixed up, layers of feelings, memories, sensations are interposed, some fade away, some of the surface like in a palimpsest. I try to captivate these chaotic forms, to rescue them from abysmally depths and reconstruct them in their new appearances.

Tashawolff 003
Image courtesy of Tasha Wolff

I’m like an astral plane: a magnet for lost dreams. The time appears like a human construction, labyrinth, in which footpaths man get easily lost. The way out is like a mission: re-work the pieces and create an ambiguous story. The technics I use reflect the same problem: it’s essentially paper mache modelling and calcination. Using paper mache is rebuilding entities from the layers of wood, papers, thoughts, sentences. Calcination constitutes a return to the roots, to the dust of the stars. It reflects the permanent change of matter, its dilatation, contraction and final transformation. The material is fusing, flowing and getting fixed. The most important memories get detained. Like a star explosion, it fixes molecules and gives them a new existence randomly. The chance appears like the main vector in the staging and composition of my work. The unpredictable nature of this new life helps to explain the difficulty to define the category of my creations. It’s mostly about compositions in volume in which appears the elements of painting. Or it’s about the sculpture.

more. www.art-brutoff.fr

Tashawolff 004
Image courtesy of Tasha Wolff
Tashawolff 005
Image courtesy of Tasha Wolff

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