Fashion | June 1, 2021 |

Image courtesy of Fessura

Small steps with Change shoe towards a big change!

Through the CHANGE line, FESSURA has introduced a program to help do our part in making the planet GREENER thanks to a collaboration with TREEDOM.

Treedom is the world’s first web platform that allows you to plant trees, creating new sustainable ecosystems and bringing employment to rural communities. Fessura has embraced this positive, sustainable initiative via our CHANGE line, the first interchangeable, eco sustainable sneakers. The distinctive characteristic of the CHANGE line is the simplification of the production process which, in turn, reduces CO2 emissions drastically.

Image courtesy of Fessura

Whenever you purchase from the CHANGE line online, Fessura gifts you with a tree named after you. You can follow your tree’s growth remotely as part of the agroforestry project which represents our own environmental commitment and through which we have already planted 215 trees in a cacao forest by Fessura. Each tree is photographed, geolocated and has its very own page in Fessura’s profile on the Treedom site.

Image courtesy of Fessura

The project also has a SOCIAL value; our philosophy is to create sustainable ecosystems and allow thousands of farmers to cover the initial costs of planting new trees, ensuring lasting food sovereignty and income opportunities over time.

more. www.fessura.com

Image courtesy of Fessura

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