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Moriyuku Ochiai Architects + TwoPlus-A’s Forest of Business Cards

Art | July 16, 2013 |

Image courtesy of Moriyuku Ochiai Architects + TwoPlus-A

Moriyuku Ochiai Architects + TwoPlus-A’s Forest of Business Cards

Creating a complex and beautiful facade, this Forest of Business Cards installation designed by Tokyo-based Moriyuku Ochiai Architects/TwoPlus-A, changes from one moment to the next like the japanese sakura (cherry tree). The theme for this exhibition is based on the olympic games, an event of discovery where people from all over the world meet.

Image courtesy of Moriyuku Ochiai Architects + TwoPlus-A

The gallery features the works of 200 artists on the front face of business cards with their contact information written on the back. Visitors remove cards of interest, changing the exhibition’s density, which in turn shifts their own focus. The picture varies depending on where it is viewed – from up close only individual cards will be seen but from further away the whole picture will change.

Image courtesy of Moriyuku Ochiai Architects + TwoPlus-A

The business cards are not randomly ordered, some are repeated in patterns but none are exactly the same. The design emits a sense of transparency in a landscape dotted with colors. The cards are inserted into styrofoam, which emphasizes the paper’s fragile and light properties within its surroundings – also reinforcing the relationship between object, support and environment.

Image courtesy of Moriyuku Ochiai Architects + TwoPlus-A

The olympic games are held at different locations around the world so the exhibition is easily adaptable and can be re-used anywhere.


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