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franco dellerba

Art | April 20, 2006 |

Franco Dellerba

Dates: April 27 – May 20, 2006

Location: Bonomo Gallery – Bari (Italy) – Gallery hours: 11-13 17-20, saturday 11-13

This show is hard to define because it cannot be confined within precise borders. This is due to the different materials of which the works are made but also to the fact that each piece tells a story of its own.

Stories from distant places, deriving from the varied as much as deep and inventive culture that Franco Dellerba has accumulated along the years, simply by following his hound-like instinct. Like an expert story teller, Dellerba tells his tales by engaging the listener at visual, tactile and emotional levels.

For this encyclopaedia, he draws from animal, mineral and natural stories. Dellerba uses wood sculpted by his own hands, clay, iron, paper, pigments and most of all colours, several bright colours – all coinciding with his highly energetic personality. It therefore results that colour is the very trait d’union uniting all his work. Colour as the definition of forms, as a positive element that reacts against the greyness that infiltrates the human psyche.

The installations or rather the stories that he tells us are three. “Penguin in analysis” stretched out on a couch with the look of some one who is looking to awaken far away fantasies. “Chimpanzee in a cage” a very human specimen who accepts his captivity adorning it with fantasy. “The chimera cells” (the chimera are repeatedly present in his work) almost enlargements of scientific slides that stigmatize the secret of an impossible and at the same time probable life.

The show will be open until May 20th.ù

For more information:
Galleria Bonomo – Ass. Cult.
Via Nicolò dell’Arca, 19 – 70122 – Bari
Tel 080 5210145 / Fax 0805217508

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