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Extremadura, Spain

GALFERDEXIGN is José Fernández Gallego, car designer with experience in Italy, Germany, Japan, China, and the United States, has shaped the way of seeing life in the purest galferdexign style: with a line of unique sunglasses and accessories recognizable from a distance, high quality and with touches of elegance and minimalism. This is how our designs Chacho, Jigueras and Cascandito Model were born, in a sketchbook at the foot of the Extremadura Siberia, with their names from our almost extinct dialect called “castúo” or “estremeñu”.

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GALFERDEXIGN, the laboratory of ideas. A laboratory in which the ingredients since 2019 have always been: design as maximum expression, Personal growth as a lifestyle. The enthusiasm to represent our unknown region, Extremadura (Spain) and the active fight against a social cause that we know closely Bullying. Collaborating with A.E.P.A.E. “Spanish Association for the Prevention of Bullying”.

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GALFERDEXIGN is a registered trademark in Spain and a German company based in Frankfurt am Main, where the founder, José, lives. In the fast-changing world we live in, slowing down is necessary, so we choose quality over quantity. Our designer glasses are made of high-quality materials, such as nylon lenses with full UV400 protection, stainless steel frames with unique and patented designs. After José’s experience in the production of automobiles, we wanted to apply it to increase the range of designer products. We wanted to start with eyewear to show everyone our unique way of seeing the world. “We all have that extraordinary side, let us see yours”.


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