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georgian pavilion 001
Image courtesy of Gigi Shukakidze

Georgian Pavilion at the Biennale Architettura 2023 in Venice explores the relationship between the flow of time and energy.
Venice, Italy
May 20 – November 26, 2023

The Georgian Pavilion will be curated by the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial. The installation January, February, and March will represent dead and living nature through the story of an artificially altered settlement in the Dusheti region of Georgia. The Georgian Pavilion will be hosted by the art-space II Giardino Bianco, throughout the time of the 18th International Architecture Exhibition, held from May 20th until November 26th, 2023.

georgian pavilion 003
Image courtesy of Tobias Schmitt

The pavilion symbolically focuses on water reservoirs, their creation, and their impacts in the age of rapid political transformations and climate change. How temporary is our footprint on the environment? When we mention the flows of energy, migration, time, and the outflow of the landscape itself, what flows are we really speaking of? What are the costs of disrupting an order to create a new one? Can we take water as a determinant of order? To what extent can the spatial-political development of humans bring changes in nature and society and vice versa? What physical and conceptual forms fade or remain with such transformations? Are the natural creations – their memory, history, and artefacts signifying their past life – permanent? What will be the vestige of defining such places, and, above all – considering both global and local contexts – what is their future?

georgian pavilion 005
Image courtesy of Gigi Shukakidze

About the Curators, Tbilisi Architecture Biennial was founded in 2017, as a platform unifying local and international professionals. Every two years it organizes exhibitions, installations, workshops, symposiums, and activities around a critical, timely issue of focus. In 2022 the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial held its third edition, discussing the subject of temporality in urban and social contexts.


georgian pavilion 002
Image courtesy of Otar Chonkadze

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