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Gianluca Managò

Design | December 17, 2021 |

Gianluca Maganò Poy Lamp 1
Image courtesy of Gianluca Managò

Gianluca Managò
POY collection
Malmo, Sweden

Gianluca Managò (b. 1996) is an Italian designer based in Sweden working in a diverse range of disciplines, from interior design to industrial design and product development. Originally from Sicily, he developed his personal approach during his studies in France until 2020, when he moved to Sweden to explore the language of modern Scandinavian design. His style expresses his international background while exploring the GenZ aesthetic.

Gianluca Maganò Poy Pillow 1
Image courtesy of Gianluca Managò

POY collection: POY is the name of the brand of home product launched by Gianluca Managò. The first collection launched in October 2021 consists of three products involving lighting, ceramic and textile. POY lamp is entirely 3D-printed with a plant-based plastic and finished with a brushed texture.

Gianluca Maganò Poy Lamp 2
Image courtesy of Gianluca Managò

This table light gently blends Scandinavian aesthetic values and a squishy style resulting in an organic and graceful object. It emits a soft and warm gradient light that makes the lamp becomes one with every interior. POY cushion embodies the aesthetic of the whole POY collection: scandic pop, clarity of Scandinavian values with the panache of squishy style.

Gianluca Maganò Poy Lamp 3
Image courtesy of Gianluca Managò

Its shape is inspired by the work of Matisse and its cut-outs. The cushion enhances the aesthetic of every seat that hosts it, intensifying their colours and dynamism. As the whole collection, the vase blends the clarity of Scandinavian design with a touch of pop resulting in a curvy and exuberant piece that donates panache to its environment. The collection refl ects Gianluca’s design journey through Europe and his style exploring cultures and his undeniable design values.


Gianluca Maganò Poy Vase 1 1
Image courtesy of Gianluca Managò
Gianluca Maganò Poy Vase 2
Image courtesy of Gianluca Managò
Gianluca Maganò Poy Pillow 3
Image courtesy of Gianluca Managò

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