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June 20 – July 04, 2024
Palazzo Pisani-Revedin, Venice

ITSLIQUID Group is pleased to announce the opening of GODDESS RISING, a solo exhibition of Morgan Allis, curated by Luca Curci, that will open on June 20, 2024, at 06:00 PM at Palazzo Pisani-Revedin in Venice. The exhibition will run until July 04, 2024, during the same period as the 60th Venice Biennale.

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“Goddess of Valor”, Acrylic and gold on canvas, 183 x 122 cm, 2017

Morgan Allis’s “The Goddess Rising” exhibition promises to be a highlight of the Venice art scene this summer, offering visitors a profound and immersive experience through the lens of one of today’s most intriguing artists. Having captivated audiences in private settings for ten years, the artist’s decision to go public with her work marks a significant milestone. Her raw yet gracefully bold pieces invite viewers to find beauty in the imperfections of life, offering a deeply moving and inspirational experience. The exhibition will not only showcase these visually stunning pieces but will also feature the artist’s unique vocal soundscapes. These enchanting audio experiences will immerse visitors in the aura of the goddess, enhancing the impact of the artwork and creating a truly multisensory experience.

“GODDESS RISING” is a powerful exploration of divine femininity and the intricate dance between our earthly struggles and celestial aspirations. Through a series of vibrant and evocative paintings, Allis channels the energy of ancient goddesses, bringing their stories to life for contemporary audiences to engage with. Her work serves as a bridge between the mystical and the tangible, urging viewers to reconnect with the divine essence within themselves. It is a visual and emotional exploration of our inherent struggle between constrained humanity and godlike nature, celebrating our wildness and devotion. The series is characterized by a stunning color palette that evokes powerful emotional responses. Creating a dynamic interplay that symbolizes the tension and harmony within themes of love and freedom. The use of metallic accents, particularly gold, adds a sacred and ethereal quality to the works, highlighting the divine nature of the goddesses depicted.

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“Goddess of the Way”, Acrylic and gold on canvas, 106 x 152 cm, 2017

The compositions in “GODDESS RISING” are both dynamic and harmonious. Central figures of goddesses are often framed by swirling, abstract backgrounds that suggest movement and energy. These goddesses are symbols of love, freedom, and spiritual awakening, capturing the tension and harmony within these themes. Each painting in the series channels the energy of ancient goddesses, bringing their stories to life and offering new narratives for contemporary audiences. The goddesses depicted are adorned with symbols of love, nature, and celestial bodies, emphasizing the interconnectedness and timeless nature of these themes.

Through vibrant colors, rich textures, and dynamic compositions, “GODDESS RISING” invites viewers to connect with their own divine essence. The series reflects Allis’s journey of self-discovery and liberation, channelling the divine presence she feels into each piece and her belief in the transformative power of art and its ability to connect us with our deepest selves and the divine mysteries of the universe.

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“Triple Goddess of Creation”, Acrylic and gold on canvas, 91×152 cm, 2017

organized by ITSLIQUID Group
curator Luca Curci
exhibition coordinator Melis Di Gennaro

Palazzo Pisani-Revedin
S. Marco, 4013A, Venice, Italy
June 20, 2024 | 06:00 PM
Opening hours | Tuesday – Sunday | 10:30 AM – 01:30 PM and 02:30 PM – 06.30 PM

info@itsliquid.com | +39.3387574098
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“Goddess of Love”, Acrylic and gold on canvas, 60×91 cm, 2017


Born in the vibrant city of Seattle, Washington in 1986, Morgan Allis was a beacon of inspiration from the beginning. Raised in an unconventional family unit of four rebelliously intertwined parents—divorced yet remarried and uniquely united in friendship – Morgan’s journey into the world of fashion and design began at an early age. With a needle and thread in hand by the third grade, thanks to her grandmother’s guidance, she swiftly moved from following Vogue patterns to creating her own designs by high school. Her spirit, as untamed as her creativity, led her to leave high school early, driven by a passion for chasing punk rock bands across the West Coast. Despite her departure from traditional education, her marketing teacher, recognizing Morgan’s extraordinary genius and unparalleled ability, championed her to receive a high school diploma. Faced with the challenge of affording tuition for the Seattle IADT, Morgan’s resolve was tested yet again when her best friend was diagnosed with cancer. Amid the emotional turmoil and the weight of caregiving, she made a heart-rending promise to her best friend – that she would rise beyond her struggles. True to her word, Morgan launched a breathtaking challenge to herself: 60 dresses in 30 days. She not only fulfilled her promise but turned her endeavour into a viral phenomenon that funded her education and kickstarted her fashion label, Rene Ropas, as an ode to her beloved friend, Ashely Rene Moffit.

Morgan’s relentless drive propelled Rene Ropas to the forefront of the fashion scene, garnering prestigious awards and recognition across Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, and the Sundance Film Festival. Employing guerrilla marketing and leveraging social media, she revolutionized fashion showcasing, securing a 10,000-square-foot retail space in the City of Seattle and making history with the first internet-broadcasted fashion shows. All this, while still navigating the challenges of running a burgeoning fashion brand and attending school, is a testament to her indomitable spirit. At the age of 25, Morgan ventured to Los Angeles, embracing change and supporting her husband’s screenwriting ambitions. It wasn’t long before her remarkable talent caught the eye of Gary Goldstein, a prominent Hollywood producer, who saw in Morgan not just a designer, but a visionary capable of transcending boundaries. Invited to become his business partner and chief strategist, Morgan Allis stood as a luminous example of resilience, creativity, and unyielding determination to forge her own path, reminding us all that the essence of inspiration is not just in achieving our dreams, but in the courage to chase them.

At the young age of 25, Morgan embarked on a life-changing adventure to Los Angeles, fueled by a desire to support her then-husband’s screenwriting dreams. This journey took a fortuitous turn when she was discovered by the esteemed Hollywood producer, Gary Goldstein, who saw in her a unique talent and invited her to join him as a business partner and chief community strategist. Amidst her burgeoning career, Morgan nurtured a clandestine passion for painting, engaging with visionaries like Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari, and Dave Asprey of Bulletproof. Despite rubbing shoulders with some of the most innovative minds in the industry, her soul yearned for the expressive freedom of art. Two years into her partnership with Gary, Morgan decided to follow her heart’s true calling and dedicated herself entirely to art, marking her departure with a successful debut show in Venice, California, where she earned $19,000, a clear sign that her art resonated deeply with others. Following her departure from Gary’s tutelage, Morgan threw herself into her art with renewed vigour, producing three shows in California. She collaborated with one taste in LA, forged partnerships with local influencers, and hosted distinctive artist salons in the hills, delighting in the process of curating her works. Opting to keep her art mostly private, mainly to avoid the exorbitant commission fees of galleries and leveraging her ability to sell her work directly, she saw the price of her artwork skyrocket. By 2023, she achieved a milestone, selling a single piece for $45,000 during her own wedding. Her art has now graced four countries, with thousands of pieces sold as both NFTs online and as large canvases across the globe.

Meanwhile, in private, Morgan was going through a challenging and beautiful spiritual awakening, becoming a synesthetic. She could feel colors, and taste them. She could sense thoughts between the worlds of her art and people. She could read people’s bodies for memories and dreams. She started channelling songs as she painted that shifted reality around her. She was asked to sing at many public events and spaces to open the realm of new possibilities for attendees. She was being trained in the magic of ritual by life and being asked to expand her art into music. Morgan’s personal life has been as vibrant and fulfilling as her professional journey. In 2021, she married Ryan Allis, her beloved partner in both life and art, against the dramatic backdrop of a firestorm in Seattle, Washington—a testament to the intensity and beauty of their love. The following year, they welcomed their son, adding a new dimension of joy to their lives. Together, they have traversed the globe, from Los Angeles to Boulder, Austin to Bali, Costa Rica to Asheville, North Carolina, spreading their art and building a global community bound by their shared passion. They celebrated their union publicly at the Intergalactic Opera Hoedown in 2022 with their extended community, post-Covid restrictions, and have committed to renewing their vows every two years in a grand, artistic celebration, encapsulated within their unique “luvbubble” fashion.

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“Goddess of Vitality”, Acrylic and gold on canvas, 91×121 cm, 2017

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