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A Toolbox for the New Ways of Working.

Gustav is a mobile toolbox developed by Tuesday On The Beach Ltd, a workplace innovation company based in New Zealand. Gustav provides people in flexible offices with personal storage and a laptop stand in a mobile way. Weighing less than 1,350 grams and featuring an adjustable monitor angle, it is an ergonomic solution for any office space.

Hybrid workplaces, agile working and people in home offices: not only since Corona has the fixed workplace lost its appeal. To meet the growing need for mobility on the job, however, there has been a lack of suitable tools until now: With the mobile toolbox Gustav, agile, mobile working is possible with a personal touch.

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Image courtesy of Gustav

A new way of working needs a new way of thinking.
It all started with two Austrians who moved to New Zealand for professional reasons. As a workplace strategist, Christian advised companies on how to adapt to the new working world. He was constantly on the lookout for mobile, flexible and innovative solutions. He couldn’t find a mobile office toolbox to support people in agile and home offices and meet all their needs, so he designed one himself.
Together with co-founder Judit, they set off. After countless prototypes and years of testing and refining, they launched the first version of Gustav Original in 2017. The result: Gustav is a toolbox for all those who want to be as flexible and mobile as possible at their workplace. An idea that hit home with many people around the globe.

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Image courtesy of Gustav

The way we work is changing. Modern office design, activity-based working, and home offices offer workers more flexibility than ever. This has many advantages, but some of the individual needs fall behind in the new concept for example, owning a space, which we can personalize and design as we please. With Gustav, every employee has his or her own personal mobile workstation that can be set up and taken down again in seconds. Welcome to working anywhere!

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Image courtesy of Gustav

As the world’s only solution for personal storage, laptop ergonomics and mobility, Gustav is ideal for modern offices, co-working spaces and home offices. Made of American oak veneer, the toolbox offers enough space for office utensils and personal items, as well as a laptop stand that enables ergonomically correct working.

With its minimalist design and a weight of only 1350 grams, Gustav fits ideally in lockers, shelves, trays and is suitable for laptops up to 15 inches. The combination of real wood with minimalist white elements gives Gustav its friendly appearance – an attractive look that harmonises with both modern and traditional office furnishings and can be customised.

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Image courtesy of Gustav

This makes the toolbox perfect for working in agile workplaces, desk-sharing or all those who do not have their own space available in the home office. As quickly as Gustav is set up, it can be packed away in a matter of seconds after the work is done and make room for private life.  Gustav is manufactured in Greece, from where it then sets off on its journey around the world. Gustav won several awards, including the Red Dot Design Award.


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