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I numeri primi

Over 250 years spent listening, recommending, and formulating. Galeffi Biocosmetics arises out of sound pharmaceutical expertise, the heritage of a family that has been able to combine science and creativity – theirs is the patent of the homonymous, historical Effervescente – in the heart of a special observatory: the Antica Farmacia Galeffi in Montevarchi, Tuscany.

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It is under its vaults, behind its walnut counters, that Letizia Galeffi has an idea and she decides to change her life by giving priority, to nurturing beauty, to biotechnology and to the preservation of harmony with nature, a must for her at all levels of everyday life. To guide Letizia, her passion for mathematics and an ancient yet extremely current thought: using it to interpret the perfection of nature, as Pythagoras taught.

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The result is the first line of certified organic and vegan skin and body care. Letizia thoroughly researches the properties of natural active ingredients, she insists on the purest raw materials and discovers a special glass that allows the best possible product preservation. Letizia chooses to call it I NUMERI PRIMI. Nature and Numbers are intrinsically linked. Nature is a symbol of harmony, beauty and universal balance; the beauty of Nature can be translated into numbers, some of which are magically special, the prime numbers. This is what we want to transmit: simplicity, safety, effectiveness and beauty.

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The skin is the largest organ in the human body and is made up of the same cells and layers whether you are a man or a woman. The Prime Numbers line is designed to take care of this important part of every person, without distinction. The concept of equality is important, I Numeri Primi is a unisex line.
Our skin can recognise what it needs to keep itself in perfect health. The ingredients that the skin recognizes as familiar will be absorbed more effectively, achieving truly amazing results. This is the principle of beauty osmosis that characterizes all the products of I numeri primi, made from active ingredients and raw materials that your skin will recognize as familiar.

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I numeri primi was born in 2013 as Letizia Benini Galeffi’s side business, who developed it
while managing the family pharmacy. In 2019 she began designing a team capable of managing the different areas of the business through its complementary expertise, which the following year gained full autonomy. Today the team which supports the founder of the brand gathers strategic consultants who manage her in the sales, communication, digital and web ares, besides of course those committed to product development and production. All packaging is 100% ecological and eco-sustainable. The dark (purple) glass retains the properties of the products much longer than clear glass, as it only lets through one type of sun rays, obviously the least aggressive ones.

more. www.inumeriprimi.com

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Image courtesy of I numeri primi

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