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Ikebana Florence

Design | January 10, 2022 |

Ikebana 01
Image courtesy of Ikebana Florence

Ikebana Florence
Hand-Spray Revolution
Florence, Italy

The new routine becomes fashion. To revolution the nowadays’ idea of sanitizing your hands and to turn it into an object of unmistakable Italian design. This is the Ikebana Florence‘s mission, a project that was born during the pandemic in Florence, the city of art par excellence from which to draw inspiration. The common gel we are used to, (unpleasant to smell and touch) has been replaced by a spray based on essential oils and natural extracts that sanitize hands, perfuming them, without leaving any residue on the skin.

Ikebana 02
Image courtesy of Ikebana Florence

The cover in fine leather enriches the product, turning it into fashion and furniture. Ikebana’s flagship is customization, realized from partners, a group of artists specialized in painting on high fashion garments.

more. www.ikebanaflorence.it

Ikebana 03
Image courtesy of Ikebana Florence
Ikebana 04
Image courtesy of Ikebana Florence
Ikebana 05
Image courtesy of Ikebana Florence
Ikebana 06
Image courtesy of Ikebana Florence
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Image courtesy of Ikebana Florence
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Image courtesy of Ikebana Florence

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