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In Glass We Trust | Contemporary Art Glass Exhibition

Art | April 30, 2015 |

in glass we trustSimone Crestani & Bruno Pedrosa, Progetto a quattro mani, 2015

In Glass We Trust | Contemporary Art Glass Exhibition
May 4th to November 22nd 2015

The cry “In Glass We Trust” stands out from the many recent demeaning drifts that are leading astray Murano, the “Glass”, Venice and her precious heritage.

In Glass We Trust is a warning to common trends, a meeting of exceptional craftsmen, and a spontaneous cultural movement. This exhibition is the result of free association and instinctive passion. Our aim is to share the deep Venetian authenticity that, through this event, opens up and shows itself, with no filters, no patina, and no backing institutions: seven among the best artists and Glass “Virtuosos” gather and display the shapes that populate their imagination and also characterize their different creations.
In Glass We Trust is not only an exhibition and does not take place in a common gallery. In Glass We Trust is a Manifesto, a statement of pureness, a reminder for those who were raised up in Venice and in one of her hot kilns, for those who have the ambition of protecting her, of describing her. Also, for those who “gets their hands dirty” and then, with the same hands, shape an extremely peculiar kind of beauty.

in glass we trustAndrea Morucchio, Celata series #02, blown, cast, frosted black glass, 44 x 35 x 30 cm, 2009

Igor Balbi, Lucio Bubacco, Alessandro Casson, Vittorio Costantini, Simone Crestani, Andrea Morucchio, Davide Salvadore are the names that populate this “Utopia”, made of bright minds and skillful hands. They all first met the “Glass” at a very early age, to then make it their own lifestyle choice. Masters and pupils, tradition and innovation, disparate artistic expressions, all combined to build up an event about Glass, to show its life, its richness and astounding potential instead of focusing only on its commercial value, as sadly happens more and more often.

in glass we trustVittorio Costantini, Seahorses swimming in the midst of algae on the bottom of the sea

Seven artists, backgrounds, techniques, different styles and tastes, “join forces” to express, throughout their work, the diversity and refined delicacy of this material: from the conceptual, symbolic, spiritual and abstract compositions made by Andrea Morucchio, to the small erotic universes, the delicate and subtle works by Lucio Bubacco with his extravagant and seductive style. All the way through the elegance and refinement of Simone Crestani, that makes of transparency and ‘no color’ his personal and unique signature. The ethnic imaginary, the warm and sometimes tribal creations by Davide Salvadore mixes itself with the perfect balance of color, light and forms from Alessandro Casson, who in his sculptures evokes natural forms to abstract to a symbolic and archetypal pure stylization. Igor Balbi‘s production alternates and combines the sophistication of the technique for classic shapes, exasperating the chromatic scale up to realize a potential infinity of solutions; in closing with the look and the meticulous realism of Vittorio Costantini, to introduce a microcosm of organic and fantastic animals and silent, the result of long observation, study and work hours.

in glass we trustAlessandro Casson, Kharnali Pair, blown and coldworked glass

In Glass We Trust will take place from May 4th until November 22nd, 2015 at BALBI ART GLASS GALLERY in Venice.

The opening will be on Friday, May 8th at 06:00 P.M.

BALBI ART GLASS GALLERY is atelier and laboratory, place of study and teaching, art gallery and place of contemplation; it combines tradition and innovation in the word of the glass and relatives.

Piercing Eyes – Distilled art pieces, results among 12 winners of the IC announcement – Cultural Innovation, an initiative supported by the Cariplo Foundation and it is a curatorial project by Trend and Tradition, dedicated to Italian artists and designers working in the field of contemporary applied arts. Thanks to the set up of cultural events and a dedicated website, it supports the creation and promotes the sale of unique works of art, made using ancient techniques, combined with new production processes and contemporary materials.

The web site will be on-line starting from May 2015.

For any information please contact:
Ilaria Ruggiero

Trend & Tradition
Mobile: +39/3479396300
email :

Brief Biographies

in glass we trustIgor Balbi, Tipetti, tecnica di soffiatura Balbi

Igor Balbi
Igor Balbi was born in Murano back in 1975. At the age of nineteen, he began to work the glass, learning the traditional Muranese glass-blowing techniques directly from his father and his uncles. This was the very beginning of his life-time adventure. After several months and many attempts and thanks to his determination, he invented his own personal glass-lampblowing technique, which was in fact named after him and recognized by the CORNING MUSEUM OF GLASS.

in glass we trustIgor Balbi, Tipetti, tecnica di soffiatura Balbi

Lucio Bubacco
Lucio Bubacco was born in Murano in 1957. Internationally recognized as one of the most famous artists and masters of glass, his unique and inimitable works are exhibited in famous private and public collections all around the world. His research and experimental poetry transcends the traditional way of processing glass and combines the plasticity of the form to a surrealistical and almost mythological imagination.

in glass we trustAlessandro Casson, Blue Pair, blown and coldworked glass

Alessandro Casson
Alessandro Casson was born in Venice in 1969, where he lives and works. He studied Art and Design and obtained a Master’s degree in Political Science and Economics. In 1999 he opened his own atelier and gallery. In his artistic works, he combines the most ancient techniques of glass- blowing with technical experimentation to give real shape to his contemporary and visionary aesthetics. His pieces are exhibited in many important galleries around the United States.

in glass we trustVittorio Costantini, Jellyfish

Vittorio Costantini
Vittorio Costantini, born in Burano in 1944, began to work in the kiln when he was eleven. The first meeting with the “lampworking” occurred when he was nineteen; at the opening of his workshop in Venice in 1974, the “lampworking” had already become his only true passion. His artistic talent allowed him to take part in various cultural exhibitions, in Italy and all over the world.

in glass we trustSimone Crestani, The shadow of the old wood, length 155 cm  61 in, width 90 cm  34 in, height 110 cm 43 in, 2014

Simone Crestani
Born in 1984 in Marostica (Vicenza). He began to work the glass in 2001, as student and assistant at Massimo Lunardon’s “soffieria”. After ten years of apprenticeship, he opened his own workshop, where he keeps up his work of research and innovation. He is often invited as an artist in residence and invited from prestigious Art Glass Academies and schools around Europe, Israel and United States as a teacher and guest-speaker.

in glass we trustAndrea Morucchio, Enlightenment #12, forged iron structure, 1 blown and ground black glass element, 65 x 40 x 13 cm, 2009

Andrea Morucchio
Andrea Morucchio, born in Venice in 1967, graduated in Political Science and he then began his artistic activity in the late ’80s, expanding over time his linguistic research in several other fields, from sculpture to installation, from video to photography and performance. His works are on display at the Glass Museum in Murano, MUVE Civic Museums in Venice, the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart, Australia, and the Provenance Collections, Tacoma, USA.

In glass we trustImage courtesy of Davide Salvadore

Davide Salvadore
Davide Salvadore was born in Murano in 1953 and learned the art of working the glass from his own family. In 1987 he founded, together with two partners, the atelier Campagnol & Salvadore, where he works as a glassmaker master. Davide Salvadore is also a founding member of the “Centro Studio Vetro” (Glass Study Center) in Murano, a non-profit association promoting and supporting the culture around the art of glass.

c/o Balbi Art Glass Gallery
curated by and in cooperation with Piercing Eyes

Balbi Art Glass Gallery
Campo Santa Maria Mater Domini
Santa Croce 2178/a – 2179
30135 Venice – Italy

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