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INSIDE. L’arte ovunque by Ursula Radel-Leszczynski

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001 ursularadelleszczynski
“Inside. The Museum Series. Orange Wall”, Oil and acrylic on canvas | Image courtesy of Ursula Radel-Leszczynski

INSIDE. L’arte ovunque by Ursula Radel-Leszczynski
June 20 – July 04, 2024
Palazzo Pisani-Revedin, Venice

ITSLIQUID Group is pleased to announce the opening of INSIDE. L’arte ovunque, a solo exhibition of Ursula Radel-Leszczynski, curated by Luca Curci, which will open on June 20, 2024, at 06:00 PM at Palazzo Pisani-Revedin in Venice, and will run until July 04, 2024.

The exhibition will present selected paintings from her two ongoing projects: “Inside. The Museum Series” and “NYC. Out of the Whitney Museum”, where both figurative cycles deal mostly with people and their perception of modern art.

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002 ursularadelleszczynski
“Inside. The Museum Series. Big Blue”, Oil and acrylic on canvas | Image courtesy of Ursula Radel-Leszczynski

Inside. The Museum Series alternates with museum or gallery visitors. People may visit modern art exhibition locations as a form of personal reflection, seeking artworks that resonate with their own experiences, values, and emotions. Modern art often challenges traditional notions of beauty, form, and meaning. Visitors are drawn to modern art exhibitions to explore unconventional ideas, diverse perspectives, and thought-provoking concepts presented through the artwork. It is like taking a journey through the creative minds of artists from various backgrounds and perspectives, each offering a unique expression or commentary on the world we live in.

“Inside” is an attempt to capture the experience of art perception as it is multifaceted, dynamic, and shaped by individual tastes, cultural influences and personal experiences. It’s this diversity of perspectives that contributes to the richness and complexity of the art world. The selected works show different locations, like MoMa in New York, Tate in London, Basel Art Fair and some art galleries depicting typical scenes: vernissage of a new show or permanent exhibition. However, is not the renowned location that matters here, but the people inside.

003 ursularadelleszczynski
“Inside. The Museum Series. What do you think”, Oil and acrylic on canvas | Image courtesy of Ursula Radel-Leszczynski

Whereas “Inside” brings perspective from various art locations, NYC. Out of the Whitney Museum concentrates only on the one named museum and goes one step further: Whitney’s visitors after their visit. Leaving a museum of modern art can evoke a range of feelings and reflections, depending on the individual’s experience and the artworks they encountered. After all, visitors – in many cases tourists – are not just passive observers, but active participants in the cultural exchange that takes place within the walls of the museum. Their presence adds depth and dynamism to the experience, enriching the environment for everyone who walks through the doors. It makes the works of art themselves meaningful not just in their objective existence, but also through the way, how they are perceived. The paintings show either people relaxing outside or simply empty streets. The street motives of this cycle are as seen from inside Whitney’s and this perspective builds additional bridges within this exhibition.

004 ursularadelleszczynski
“NYC. Out of Whitney Museum. Spring I”, Oil and acrylic on canvas | Image courtesy of Ursula Radel-Leszczynski

organized by ITSLIQUID Group
curator Luca Curci
exhibition coordinator Giulia Tassi

Palazzo Pisani-Revedin
S. Marco, 4013A, Venice, Italy
June 20, 2024 | 06:00 PM
Opening hours | Tuesday – Sunday | 10:30 AM – 01:30 PM and 02:30 PM – 06.30 PM

RSVP | +39.3387574098
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005 ursularadelleszczynski
“NYC. Out of the Whitney Museum. Spring II”, Oil and acrylic on canvas | Image courtesy of Ursula Radel-Leszczynski

Ursula Radel-Leszczynski – Biography

Art Historian, specialized in Modern and Contemporary Art. Lives and works in Vienna, Venice and Cracow, Ursula started her artistic career around 15 years ago, studying with Chinese artists ShanZuo Zhou and DaHuang Zhou, based in Chicago and widely known as Zhou Brothers and later continued her artistic studies also with Markus Lüpertz (Ger) und Georg Brandner (Aut).

She is primarily an abstract painter, although with visible connection especially to landscape painting. Recently she started a series of figurative paintings, which deal mostly with people and their perception of art. One of the art critics wrote about her painting: “The pictures (…) are painted dynamically, on a grand scale. They emanate a wealth of colour and latent emotion. We enter a world of coloured stains, which suggest that space has given birth to something new, something worth recording. The artist constructs a pictorial space based on colour. The richness of colour does not come from a wide range of colours, but from her knowing how to put them together. She achieves a carefully thought-out and precisely linked construction of planes. Each ‘stain’ has its own logic, emotional and constructional. The abstract paintings do not have formal geometry, but they certainly don’t lack structure, which comes from the twists and turns of the brush strokes. Each touch of the brush, contriving both breadth and synthesis, brings to the whole a character of unusual weight. It has a life of its own, and giving off an individual radiance it goes towards bringing about that overall harmony which can be likened to that of a musical symphony. A diversity of images arises from a palette of warm and cold colours whose rhythm, discreetly but unwaveringly, leads to a play of values. The range of values addresses the intellect; the range of colours expresses the emotions.”

Her works are in various Collections in the United States Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, Monaco and Great Britain. She had regularly single shows in Austria, in Poland, in Italy and participated also on regular basis in collective exhibitions in many European countries and in the USA.

006 ursularadelleszczynski
“NYC. Out of the Whitney Museum. Summer IV”, Oil and acrylic on canvas | Image courtesy of Ursula Radel-Leszczynski

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007 ursularadelleszczynski
“NYC. Out of the Whitney Museum. Spring IV”, Oil and acrylic on canvas | Image courtesy of Ursula Radel-Leszczynski
008 ursularadelleszczynski
“NYC. Out of the Whitney Museum. Summer V”, Oil and acrylic on canvas | Image courtesy of Ursula Radel-Leszczynski
009 ursularadelleszczynski
“Inside. The Museum Series III”, Oil and acrylic on canvas | Image courtesy of Ursula Radel-Leszczynski
010 ursularadelleszczynski
“Inside. The Museum Series V”, Oil and acrylic on canvas | Image courtesy of Ursula Radel-Leszczynski

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