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aldonza almazan cornu 006
Image courtesy of Aldonza Almazán Cornu

Interview: Aldonza Almazán Cornu
Luca Curci
talks with Aldonza Almazán Cornu during MIXING IDENTITIES, second appointment of CANVAS INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2023, held in Venice at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello.

Aldonza Almazán Cornu is a Mexican artist, born in Mexico City in 1996. At her young age, she is now considered an influencer in the art world. “Using a combination of traditional oil and acrylic techniques, I create images that evoke the vitality and curiosity of chimpanzees, as well as their ability to emotionally connect with each other. Through the depiction of these features, I hope to make the viewer feel closer and more connected to these animals, and by extension, to nature in general”.

aldonza almazan cornu 002
Image courtesy of Aldonza Almazán Cornu

Luca Curci – How did you begin your artistic practice?
Aldonza Almazán Cornu-
I’ve been an artist since I was a child. Art has always been my passion and is ubiquitous in the world. Although it can be a challenging career that requires constant movement, I decided to pursue it because I love it. I studied art for nearly five years at the Barcelona Academy of Art, which helped me meet many different artists and develop a new style of painting. I’m always searching for more, and right now, I know this is just the beginning.

LC – Which artists have influenced your work?
Rodrigo de la Sierra, a family friend who became a great artist, is one of my biggest inspirations. Picasso, who achieved perfection before deconstructing it in the cubism movement, has also influenced my work. I strive to create realistic artwork that captures emotion and imperfection, much like Dali’s surreal world. Additionally, Andy Warhol’s pop art has influenced my art because it is an accessible way to convey profound messages.

aldonza almazan cornu 001
Image courtesy of Aldonza Almazán Cornu

LC – Is there an unrealizable or unrealized project you would like to work on?
I would like to work on large sculptures of my paintings. I have many ideas that I will explore as I continue to develop my career as an artist.

LC – How has your style changed over the years?
My style has evolved significantly over the years. I started with oil paint before moving on to acrylic and then spray painting. After studying in Barcelona, I began to mix all three styles and materials to create a unique blend of pop art and graffiti, with classical painting styles added.

aldonza almazan cornu 004
Image courtesy of Aldonza Almazán Cornu

LC – How do you feel when you complete a piece of artwork?
When I complete a piece of artwork that meets my expectations, I feel fulfilled and satisfied. I want others to see it and share their reactions. However, if the piece does not meet my expectations, I will paint over it until it does.

LC – What do you think of the exhibition’s concept, and how has it inspired you?
I appreciate the exhibition’s concept because it touches on themes that frequently appear in my artwork. I am inspired by the concept of exploring the rational and irrational thoughts that shape our identities as humans and how they relate to the chimpanzee’s way of thinking and perceiving the world.

aldonza almazan cornu 007
Image courtesy of Aldonza Almazán Cornu

LC – Can you tell us about the artworks you have in the exhibition?
All of my artworks in the exhibition feature a chimpanzee character named Bingo. Bingo represents the innocence of childhood and the irrational thoughts that we as humans experience. He is a reflection of humanity’s beginnings, where we formed our own identities without social criticism, caring only about the present. Bingo seeks victory without consideration of the consequences, much like Napoleon. In “To Be or Not To Be,” Bingo represents the essential question of human existence and the tension between will and reality. He wears a women’s dress in “Bingo’s Innocent Life” and sits on an expensive couch, reflecting his desire for these items without concern for what others may think. The question is, are we truly intelligent beings or just thinking facades? Animals often seem wiser than humans because they follow their instincts rather than their interests. In Bingo’s innocent life, he enjoys wearing women’s dresses and sitting on an expensive couch simply because he likes it, without caring what others think. Through this, he challenges the societal norms and expectations that dictate how we should behave and act, with laws, rules, and “should be’s.”

aldonza almazan cornu 005
Image courtesy of Aldonza Almazán Cornu

LC – Did you enjoy collaborating with us? What is your opinion of ITSLIQUID GROUP?
I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with you and appreciated the opportunity to display my artworks. I had a fantastic time in Venice and felt very fulfilled.

LC – Would you recommend a collaboration with us? What is your impression of our services?
Yes, absolutely! I believe it is an excellent way to enter the art world. My personal experience with ITSLIQUID GROUP was fantastic. They were very attentive and helpful in answering all my queries and assisting me in showcasing my painting. I think their services are fantastic, and I would certainly collaborate with them again.

aldonza almazan cornu 003
Image courtesy of Aldonza Almazán Cornu

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