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Interview: Alexandra Micaela Foffano

Art, Interviews | June 5, 2015 |

interview Alexandra FoffanoImage courtesy of Alexandra Micaela Foffano

Interview: Alexandra Micaela Foffano
Luca Curci talks with artist Alexandra Micaela Foffano during WHY SELF exhibition in Venice.
Alexandra Micaela Foffano is a Venetian Choreographer and Performer born in 1985.
She founded and directed Murmure Trinsant since 2012. With this company she was able to develop her choreographic research: analyze society’s issues expressing them in movements, embodying the meaning in aesthetic.

interview Alexandra FoffanoImage courtesy of Alexandra Micaela Foffano

Luca Curci – Can you talk about your personal experience in Venice? What did you think about the whole organization of the event, the artists’ selection, the communication management and opening nights?

Alexandra Micaela Foffano – It is a well organized event with a professional team. They create a perfect atmosphere in the openings, where the works of art are so arranged that all of them have a prominent place; furthermore the number of visitors is huge, so performing for you is always a great experience.

interview Alexandra FoffanoImage courtesy of Alexandra Micaela Foffano

L. C. – What do you think about the collaboration between It’s LIQUID and Ca’ Zanardi/Venice Art House?

A. M. F. – They are doing really good. They are both beautiful venues that fit perfectly to host
contemporary art expositions, even if they are so different one another, must see.

\interview Alexandra FoffanoImage courtesy of Alexandra Micaela Foffano

L. C. – Can you talk about the artwork you presented in Venice? How is it linked with the festival’s theme?

A. M. F. – My performance, Selbst, talks about the self, what the humans feels nowadays where the society try to homologate and compress everybody. It wants us to be all the same: docile and easy to handle. It is succeeding. But we are all different, we need to leave ourselves express our own way. It’s not so easy to let ourselves go, easily we are gripped by an inner conflict.

interview Alexandra FoffanoImage courtesy of Alexandra Micaela Foffano

L. C. – What are you currently working on?

A. M. F. – I’m actually working for Aqua, a performance/choreography for the Conservatory Benedetto Marcello of Venice, a traveling show with eight dancer on music composed and performed by conservatory’s best students. I’ve got also other projects, but they are a secret!

interview Alexandra FoffanoImage courtesy of Alexandra Micaela Foffano

L. C. – What is art for you?

A. M. F. – I do not know if it is actually possible to define art, perhaps the purest expression of human emotions. My own only certainty is that mankind would be the worst beast, without art.

interview Alexandra FoffanoImage courtesy of Alexandra Micaela Foffano

L. C. – What do you think about International ArtExpo and It’s LIQUID organizations? Do you think they can represent an opportunity for artists?

A. M. F. – I estimate ArtExpo and I’s LIQUID. First of all because they are among the few who consider dance as an art like the other (rare phenomenon, especially in Italy). My experience says that they are a great opportunity for artists. During the openings there is obviously the opportunity to show to an audience of experts and enthusiasts that gives concrete feedbacks on the work; moreover it can create new connections, collaborations with other artists, new work commissions, requests for other exhibitions.

interview Alexandra FoffanoImage courtesy of Alexandra Micaela Foffano

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