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Interview: Anna Budnikova

Interviews | September 28, 2017 |

Interview: Anna BudnikovaImage courtesy of Anna Budnikova

Interview: Anna Budnikova

Luca Curci talks with the artist Anna Budnikova during CONSCIOUSNESS of ANIMA MUNDI festival 2017 in VENICE.

Anna Budnikova is an architect, artist, photographer, researcher. She graduated from Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering with specialist of architecture degree with honors in 2016. She also has a degree of interpreter in the professional communication field. She worked as an architect in Russia and China, took traineeships in Germany (Berlin architecture school in BTK University of Art & Design and Knauf technologies traineeship in Dusseldorf and Hamburg). She also had art and architectural courses in London, Edinburgh and Copenhagen. Anna has been working as an architect in Moscow Strojproject bureau since 2016. Furthermore, she develops the scientific research topic on biomimetic architecture. Participant of the art exhibitions in Dallas (2016), Brussels (2013), Russia (2012-2016). Winner of the International and All-Russian competitions. The Hydrological cluster project, which combined research and real design, was awarded 1st prize in the D3 Natural Systems International Competition 2016 (USA, New York), etc. The project’s illustration was the KRob Architectural Delineation Competition’s finalist and was exhibited in the Dallas art museum. Winner of the “ArchiGraphics 2013-2015“, “Architectural image of Russia 2015“, recipient of the All-Russian Olympiad’s Grand Prix and the title “Talented Youth of the Tatarstan Republic“-2012.


Interview: Anna BudnikovaImage courtesy of Anna Budnikova


Luca Curci – What role does the artist have in society? And the art?

Anna Budnikova – Today art has a high role in society’s life, it causes desire to investigate surrounding world, reveals its hidden meanings, presents an attempt to solve the complexities and contradictions of modern life. A number of philosophical artworks, which disturb consciousness, are increased. Contemporary artists express their visions on different problems through various art styles. At the same time, society doesn’t forget classics, which brings up our taste and aesthetic perception. A lot of people are adherents of such art, characterizing by accurate surrounding’s details. Others give priority to alternative art. Despite the fact that I prefer classics, I studied alternative art and culture in Berlin during international summer school. Actually, today performances or avant-garde painting are popular. Each art work is dedicated to specific life’s problem or aspect; urging to pay attention to world’s hidden meanings, important for understanding.


Interview: Anna BudnikovaImage courtesy of Anna Budnikova


L.C. – What is your creative process like?

A.B. – I prefer academic technique and use watercolor, pencil or ink. Firstly, I go out for the plein-air, where I create a picture’s common composition with main forms. Then I develop it in detail in studio, giving priority to light and shade. I think this simple approach is suitable not only for realistic drawings but also for fantasy philosophical images, where accuracy is also important for idea’s presentation. I often use a lot of paper but only pencil for drawing. Whereas, watercolor allows conveying mood and environment’s quality, like air humidity or weather, important for the perception of art.


Interview: Anna BudnikovaImage courtesy of Anna Budnikova


L.C. – Are your artworks focused on a specific theme?

A.B. – Being an architect, I mostly depict an urban environment in interrelationship with landscape. My emphasis is on light, composition and details, which are often grotesquely complicated and increased to convey the city’s atmosphere. It also allows recapturing metaphysics and splendor of historical architecture on the constantly changing environment background. I can’t say that all art works are dedicated to one topic, but there is one style or principle. My art works are connected by one common idea that artificial is based on natural. This idea is for the drawings from nature and for architectural fantasies as well. So, architecture could be integrated into natural landscape, could include natural elements in order to provide high air quality and sustainable development. The “Hydrological cluster” drawing demonstrates allegories of natural systems, expresses belief in the nature over technology dominance possibility, the close relationship between natural and artifical.


Interview: Anna BudnikovaImage courtesy of Anna Budnikova


L.C. – What is the message linked to the artworks you have shown in this exhibition? How is it connected to the theme of CONSCIOUSNESS – ANIMA MUNDI FESTIVAL?

A.B. – I participate in the two last events of the Anima Mundi festival with a number of works dedicated to the consciousness and vision themes. The “Hydrological cluster” drawing and images of European cities in collage style will be exhibited for the Vision event. They reflect my vision of a possible future in close relationship with nature, the idea of co-evolution of the city and the biosphere. My creative approach with emphasis on complicated light and composition allows conveying mystical side of this relationship. The Eiffel Tower artwork is exhibited at the Consciousness event, where emphasis is on consciousness’ boundaries expanding and environment’s philosophical comprehension. The Tower’s design resembles an arrow directed to the sky. The triple repetition of the Tower hyperbolizes space, conveying its complexity and emphasizing the France symbol’s power.


Interview: Anna BudnikovaImage courtesy of Anna Budnikova


L.C. – What are you currently working on? Is there any possibilities for a new participation in some Italian exhibitions?

A.B. – Now I’m working on the drawings’ series of Edinburgh with specific narrow streets or «deadlocks». The pictures are different by mixed technique with pencil, purple watercolor and ink use. I also develop a fantasy drawing of the Portugal library interior. Before that, I had created the Porto’s historical center drawing, exhibited at the Anima Mundi festival as well. I am going to continue participating at the exhibitions from It’s LIQUID Group not only in Italy but also in Bogotá in Colombia.


Interview: Anna BudnikovaImage courtesy of Anna Budnikova


L.C. – Would you suggest cooperating with us? What do you think about It’s LIQUID Group and our services?

A.B. – I am going to develop professionally with It’s LIQUID Group, because all their services provide artists with an opportunity to represent their artworks, convey visions and self-actualize. Advertising and art catalogs contribute to the promotion of contemporary art in whole.


Interview: Anna BudnikovaImage courtesy of Anna Budnikova


L.C. – Do you think that this experience could be useful for artists and can contribute to increase personal background?

A.B. – Of course, all the above mentioned contribute to the development of artists in personal and professional way. Communication between representatives of various art styles is highly important; it enriches our knowledges and visions of art and the world in whole.

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