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annatamvaki interview 001
Image courtesy of Anna Tamvaki

Interview: Anna Tamvaki
Luca Curci
talks with Anna Tamvaki during the 10th edition of LONDON CONTEMPORARY 2024, at ELEMENTS London.

Anna Tamvaki is a visual artist with a background in Fine Arts from Athens Fine Art School, and ENSAD in Paris. Her artistic journey is a profound exploration of the delicate transition from childhood to adulthood, symbolizing innocence while confronting the societal pressures of growing up. Through her work, she intricately weaves together memories from both childhood and adult life, blurring the boundaries between fact and fiction. Tamvaki’s art is characterized by recurring symbols, which she deliberately intertwines to shed light on the significant and sometimes obsessive aspects of human existence. At the heart of her creative expression lies a deep contemplation of feminism and diversity as fundamental elements of contemporary society. Tamvaki’s exhibitions have been showcased in both France and Greece, inviting viewers to delve into her world of introspection and symbolism.

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Image courtesy of Anna Tamvaki

Luca Curci- What is the trigger that leads you to paint?
Anna Tamvaki-
The trigger that leads me to paint is often an intense emotional response or a profound connection to certain ideas and concepts. My artistic process is instinctive; I don’t plan meticulously. Instead, I rely on a spontaneous flow of thoughts and feelings, translating them into visual expressions on canvas. The urge to paint arises from a need to communicate my unique perspective on the world and explore themes such as childhood, societal roles, women’s rights, and the symbolic power of objects. Ultimately, painting becomes a visceral means of sharing my inner world with others.

LC- How did you get to your current artistic practice?
My current artistic practice evolved through a combination of formal education and personal exploration. I studied sculpture and painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, delving into the technical aspects of my craft. During a transformative exchange program at the School of Art Décoratifs in Paris, I further refined my skills and was exposed to diverse artistic influences. However, my artistic practice truly crystallized when I embraced a more intuitive approach. I discovered the power of instinctive painting, allowing my ideas about the world, societal roles, and personal experiences to flow freely onto the canvas. This approach, rooted in personal expression and a rejection of preconceived notions, has become the cornerstone of my creative journey.

annatamvaki interview 002
Image courtesy of Anna Tamvaki

LC- Are your artworks focused on a specific theme?
Yes, my artworks consistently revolve around themes that resonate deeply with me. Themes such as childhood, the transitional state of being an adult, the negation of societal roles, and the exploration of women’s rights and their place in society are recurrent in my creations. Additionally, I explore the fetishization of objects as symbols of power and how we incorporate them into our lives. These recurring themes serve as a lens through which I examine and communicate my perspectives on the world. They provide a cohesive thread in my body of work, allowing viewers to witness a continuous exploration of these questions through my paintings, sculptures, and installations.

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Image courtesy of Anna Tamvaki

LC- What is the most challenging part about creating your artwork?
The most challenging part of creating my artwork lies in striking a delicate balance between spontaneity and intention. While I thrive on the freedom of painting instinctively, it can be demanding to navigate the fine line between letting ideas flow organically and maintaining a coherent narrative in my pieces. Ensuring that the emotions and concepts I aim to convey remain authentic while avoiding chaos in the composition is a constant challenge. However, it’s within this tension that I find the most rewarding aspects of my artistic process, as it pushes me to continuously refine and redefine my creative boundaries.

annatamvaki interview 0010
Image courtesy of Anna Tamvaki

LC- How is your creative process?
My creative process is a dynamic and fluid journey, marked by spontaneity and intuition. It often begins with a surge of emotion or a profound connection to certain ideas and themes. I don’t adhere to a rigid plan; instead, I let my thoughts and feelings guide the artistic exploration.

LC- In which way the artwork presented in our exhibition is connected with the exhibition’s theme?
The artworks I’ve chosen to exhibit are deeply connected with the theme of “It’s Liquid” or a similar concept. These pieces serve as a microcosm of my broader artistic exploration, encapsulating the fluidity and dynamic nature of my creative expression. The chosen artworks, with their spontaneous compositions and thematic undercurrents related to societal roles, women’s rights, and the symbolic power of objects, resonate seamlessly with the exhibition’s theme.By participating with these representative pieces, I aim to contribute to the overarching narrative of fluidity, inviting viewers to engage with the ever-changing, liquid nature of emotions, ideas, and perspectives within the context of contemporary art.

annatamvaki interview 008
Image courtesy of Anna Tamvaki

LC- Your last artistic production attracted us, has the artwork presented been created for the exhibition or as a part of preexisting works?
The artwork presented for the exhibition is part of my preexisting body of works. It draws from the ongoing exploration of themes that have been central to my artistic practice. While not specifically created for this exhibition, the chosen piece aligns seamlessly with the theme and ethos of the event, offering a unique perspective on the fluid and evolving nature of artistic expression.

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Image courtesy of Anna Tamvaki

LC- Did you enjoy cooperating with us?
Absolutely, I enjoyed cooperating with you. The opportunity to share my artwork within the context of your exhibition has been both fulfilling and inspiring. It’s a pleasure to contribute to a platform that appreciates and aligns with the themes and essence of my artistic journey.

LC- What do you think about ITSLIQUID Platform?
Certainly, I view ITSLIQUID Platform as a valuable space for artists to showcase their work. The platform’s commitment to diverse and thought-provoking themes creates an environment conducive to artistic exploration and dialogue.

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Image courtesy of Anna Tamvaki

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